questionsanyone know why amazon hasn't included audio…


Nope, don't know why they didn't include it. Wasn't on the 1st Paperwhite either. Lots of kindle fans are dismayed about this. As one said, if you don't want to put a speaker in, at least allow a jack.

The PW also has less capacity for books. Personally, I still feel they're overpriced. Even if this 2nd try is less, it's still not worth it to me. Love my Kindle Keyboards. Also have a 'touch' or 2. And 1 of the big guys. KK remains my favorite. Would really enjoy the built-in light. But...will wait for a much lower price.


I have a kkb and a touch....and also a k2 I love too much to let go of. And a nook glowlight for bn. I would buy a ppw if it did text to speech.

I have a 7" fire hd that is only for instant video. Otherwise I do not like it. My real tablet is a nook HD+. I want no color screen on my e-reader until the battery will go a month. And on a tablet/reader combo I get distracted into surfing instead of reading.


Have never understood the need/desire to have a color e-reader. Unless you want children's books. I, would never buy need.

Also do not care what the cover looks like. Usually snicker at those who review the e-book and say they didn't like the cover. Huh? Do know a bunch of Indy (Independent, self-published authors not associated w/a publishing house.) authors online....they are very concerned about the cover they choose for their e-book. Again...huh?? Never bought a hard bound book because of it's dust jacket; nor a paperback because of its cover. "Never judge a book by it's cover." But I digress. Sorry..

...Tapping fingernails on desk. (Im)patiently waiting for the paper white to go way down in price. Will buy then.


I have the Kindle Touch and it's a great little eReader. It will also read to you if you're feeling lazy, which is why (I think) most people really enjoy it. No bells and whistles, just a nifty touch screen and 4GB storage for books, which is more than I'll ever use. Best $99 spent in a while. Shame the newer Kindles are getting less capabilities for a higher price.


Text to speech and the free cellular data connection were why I bought a Gen 1 kindle instead of some other e-reader. Was tempted by the original nook, but BN turned tts on only for kids books. I use tts a lot, back and forth with reading. Amz touted the feature, and lots of books don't have audio editions. Now AMZ doesn't seem to be moving forward with tts, tho the fires have it. Perhaps early Gen kindles will become collectibles for those of us left behind.


I reckon it's to save on weight and battery life.


I didn't realize anyone used the audio features. I like audio books read by a professional, but I couldn't listen to TTS for more than a few minutes.

But I'm still sticking with my 2nd-gen kindle. It works so well I can't see buying another e-reader unless I break it.


Why get a Kindle OR a Nook? All they are is over-priced, lobotomized tablets. My wife got a color Nook for Christmas a couple of years back. Nice little machine but all it could do was display books stored in that proprietary format. About a year later our grandson accidentally crunched it in my wife's power recliner. We were shocked at how much a replacement was going to be but by now she was hopelessly hooked on reading from the tiny screen and playing Words With Friends.

I did a little looking around. I knew there were FREE PC apps to read Kindle, Nook and pretty much every other ebook format. Sam's Club (I honestly don't know what I'd do if Sam Walton hadn't come along) had a nice little 7" android tablet for $25 LESS than I could have replaced the Nook. I snapped that puppy up. Downloaded/installed the free apps. Got a free reload of WWF and she was back in business. In fact she was in better shape than before because she wasn't limited to a single ebook format.


If I use a full tablet for trading a book, I get derailed by all the other stuff I can do with a tablet. Somehow it feels v multimedia instead of quiet and focused. And I use tts features.

I bought several e-readers for me & family v cheap from ebay or a staples sale.


I believe it could be because Amazon bought and would like you to purchase real audio books. Just a thought.


@ruger9mm: Good thought; could be part of their rationale. Though, the 1st Paperwhite was introduced in 2012. Amazon bought on 1/31/08.

I think they wanted to streamline the Kindle, and make it faster. Along w/the very desirable feature of the internal light. Many Kindle owners don't like the fact that you must have an outside lighting source to read in dim or no light. Just like reading a paper book. And, many don't understand the difference between e-ink (must have a light source) and tablets, computers, etc., which are backlit. <---those are good, but cause eye-fatigue.


I've been an fanatic since 2003-2004 and the amazon acquisition was fine by me, that's a great fit. Tts is painful at best, if there is an Audiobook version I buy it. I own 1000s audible books and more on CD or cassette that Audible has no rights to. My family is with me on audiobooks so it makes sense. No lost audio sales here.

I would love an edge lit ppw kindle with tts and mp3 and audible capacities. Would buy in a second. And family members with vision probs need something like that. And many ppl with older kindles put audible books and music on them. And no backlighting and great battery life .... seems like a win. Not expensive to do. According to AMZ forum chatter many feel this way also. I just wondered if the atc crowd could explain Amz decision to me.

I guess I will hope for next year.


Kindles are e-readers. Why do you need to put audio books on your Kindle? This never crossed my mind. Though I'm sure the fact they would need larger hard drives and new hardware plays some role, I really don't think it's what the device is. People have excessively easy access to phones, ipods, and other mp3 players to put audio books on. Seems folks are looking to complicate a fantastically simple device into another redundant electronic.


@meh3884: many of my friends - and according to AMZ forums, many Kindle owners - do put audiobooks and music on their older kindles that support audio features. It just seems to work out nicely in practice. And the internal storage on older kindles was, in practice, sufficient. No need for a hard drive, tho a micro SD slot is nice.

I know this might not be an issue for many kindle owners, but it is a feature that makes a different to some of us. The kindle keyboard can be excellent for the sight impaired, far more than newer kindles. I wish AMZ would update it.