questionshave you seen the adult material side of d.w.?


Hmmmmm. Makes you wonder.


@mtm2: I would be concerned if there is a title called "LeakFrogs Do Dallas".


@robingraves: So you heard of it? Just remember it's all acting when the leak frogs get wet.


Go inside and see if there's a title with the words "Thunder Thighs" in it.

I'm willing to bet money there is.


Ponders...Should the tag on this be meta?


Drat. We've been discovered. Now we'll have to move the business.


I found a D. W. 's video it is NSFW(language) it shows the burning desires near this type of store.


Those stores are the first thing on the Texas side of the border coming from Oklahoma on both 35 and 75.


Arthur the aardvark's sister has made some interesting career choices, apparently.


Wait a minute! Is that my car?


I'd avoid the refurbished "toys".


Those deals are gonna get tazed guys. Bummer

vote-for8vote-against recently acquired adultwoot(dot)com.

(Woot owns the domains that are related to the subdomains they use; for example, they own which redirects to


@neuropsychosocial: That is the hard-hitting journalism that makes DW what it is. Bravo to you.

"Respondent also refers to Respondent’s personal situation, being a determined single mother of two, having a life and having bills to pay for, claiming that the Complainant is seeking to destroy Respondent’s small, homemade business."

It also appears the person from whom the domain was taken was not compensated because it infringed on the woot trademark of having daily deals. Little did they know how long woot has not been "one deal one day". In fact, they aren't even daily sales--a new item comes up when one sells out.

I don't know, the whole thing about woot becoming The Empire is getting clearer and clearer. They even have their own Sith lord.


Soon everything will be ready.[]