questionsmeet the wookie shirt! (aka buy it, pls!)


If I bought shirts, I'd buy this one. Other people should buy it; after all, don't we want our best friend and protector, thunderthighs, to be happy? I know I want her to be happy; what's wrong with the rest of you?

Get busy. Go buy this shirt. Do it now!

Also, @ceagee is smart!


You forgot to put a link to your shirt so here it is for you:


I thought last place was the place employee-designers wanted to be in so they could get a framed copy of their design. =)


@ThunderThighs : Thank you for coming over to Deals ! That tips it for me. ( besides I like blue, wookies and a good laugh )
+1 for TT's wookie shirt.
1 question: I can't figure out what the little symbol is in the circle at the bottom. I need new reading glasses !

@shrdlu : : ) Thanks ! I didn't know if anyone would see my hidden advice to contestants post. That thread doesn't seem to be high traffic. Did you notice that most of my examples were for TT ?
Maybe you could make a shirt buying exception ? Even if you don't wear T's , you could get one a couple sizes too big and wear it as pjs.

@mskizannie : Only 3rd place gets the frame.

Ok ∆'s let's support @Thunderthighs. She's always here for us. And she came over to the deal side of the woot-force !
Let the wookie win !


@ceagee: The circle is a microphone - Siri's microphone without the copyright infringement. And Thanks! You'll be one of the few with this shirt!

@cengland0: Doh! Thanks for linking.


Can we get an audio of that Wookie growl? Or maybe you'll send it when we buy the shirt?


if I had money I would buy this, unfortunetly I am broke so I have had to pass up a few things I wanted right now


@nmchapma: I don't do the growl nearly as well as my virtual son. I should get him to record it. Not sure where to upload it though.


Humm, I dunno. I mean, 12 bucks is 12 bucks. This may be a case of us being in a position to help each other. We buy your shirt and you, say, look the other way at some of our more "imaginitive" tags. And stop changing my titles. Otherwise, well, Mortimer and Monte make a pretty convincing argument.


Nice job by your son, I do like the look of the wook ; ) Thinking budget will force me to skip contributing to anyone's sale total but in recognition of the inimitable @thunderthighs style I will contribute a promotional tweet.