questionshow can i delete the older deals to free up someā€¦


Huh? You're going to have to explain what you're asking for.

You can't delete older deals unless you work at Woot!. But since they're hosting the deals, they're not taking up memory on your computer. So, what are you trying to do?


@rhmurphy: I was wondering the same thing. It would be humorous if they had a staff badge....:)


Maybe the deals are stored in his/her head? I suggest a mind eraser shot or a swig of pure grain alcohol. That should delete enough memory to make room for new deals.


Click on the link in the deal that says "tattle", then hit "Other", and write a note that says you want to clear the memory.


get tequila.
pour tequila.
drink tequila.

repeat as needed.