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Hey philosopherott,

Wandering Woot CS here. Justin, not Johnny. =)

So i see you had a couple questions about deals glitches and 1 about tracking.

We have passed your info on about the deals issues their team and to the devs to see if there is anything we can find, but unfortunately support has limited powers when it comes to the deals site.

When it comes to tracking issues and other similar concerns, we can help a lot more.

Contact us at if you have any more questions.



@justinables: I understand why you direct people to support but when you don't hear anything this is a last resort; and it seems like it is a faster way of getting a responce. What benifit is attained by going through the email? please remind the community.


@philosopherott: Your level of hostility is unusual here and I suspect I'm not the only wootizen who finds it unwelcome.

As part of the community to which you refer, let me suggest you be more polite.


@magic cave: I am not trying to be hostile. I am serious, I really don't understand why users should go through support when they seem to rarely ever respond. It honsetly seems that if they answer so quickly in the forums, that s the best place to go. I understand that would clog the forums up and make them unuseable but like most people, after 3 emails and no responces you get a little frusterated (sp?)! So I, like many of our fellow wooters before me came here. There is no malice here just looking for answers. I figure now with so many of the interisting staffers leaving The new Sith Lord of woot would set up official rules and policies.


@magic cave: but if i am venting here too much my apologies to you and the community.


@philosopherott: I don't think you were too far into hostile territory - and you have a valid concern. There are some holes in the support system. Those holes have a lot to do with the email system and it's filtering, from what I understand. There is a level of frustration that is indescribably irrational after sending several emails, over several days and not getting a response.

I will say this though; it doesn't happen as often as you'd think. It's just more likely that someone will take to the forums or ATC when it does happen, than when support was all over it and solved their issue quickly and successfully. When support does their job right, very few people notice.


@philosopherott: Thank you for your comments, but it's mostly my fault. I'm having a cranky day and shouldn't have snapped at you. Please accept my apology.


@magic cave: no worries buddy, that happens to us all and i may have been a little out of line, i was venting. Thanks for comming back though! :)