questionsdo you do price check comparisons for wootplus…


Good to know. I just experienced this with a set of blocks that I purchased over on kids.woot. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about a modest savings of $3 (over Amazon). I was just surprised to see comments cluing me in after I purchased and then a bit disappointed after I did the research myself.


Yes. Always. If I'm going to order anything that is going to be a pain to return or take a while to come, I'm going to make sure that I'm getting a real deal, even after shipping is taken into consideration.


Yes I do compare prices, and no I am not surprised. As much as I enjoy Woot, it is not the deal maker it used to be... not even close. And while people like to blame the Amazon take over, Woot deals had begun to decline before that.

The best part of Woot now (for me anyway) are the community deals. Many of the Woot members are A+ shoppers, and I appreciate their efforts and the fact that they share the deals...


If make the assumption that something is the lowest possible price just because it is on Woot...Shame on you. I never make that assumption. Just because something is a deal does not mean there is not a better deal.

You are wrong in your title. I am not surprised. It also does not bother me one iota.


I always price-check. I just haven't seen anything on woot or woot+ that I want. The best deals are here on DW.


I agree that the deals on Woot are not what they used to be. I do usually research the prices before I press buy. That's probably why I've never gotten a BOC.

The prices I've seen on Woot plus are not exceptional either.

And what's with all the attitude to the OP Morriea? Shaming someone? Lighten up. This is a perfectly legitimate topic and it points out that we notice these things.


The bigger anything gets, the more the cost will increase. Under basic marketing strategy, corner the market and raise the price. As woot becomes more and more popular, and as people buy from them merely because it's woot, you will see higher prices around the board. I just don't see business functioning any other way.

This won't affect their crazy insane deals that you see on randoms days or woot-off events, but every store has clearance sales, yes?


Is it any coincidence that they don't have discussion forums on these deals? I think not.


But I'll say this after my semi-snarky comment above:

If people who don't know enough to shop around want to buy Woot-Plus deals and give Woot some extra profit, that's perfectly fine with me, if it means better non-plus deals for the rest of us.


I personally never have any assumption; I gather data, then make decisions.

The Woot Plus deals have been ok, but not stellar. There are much faster rotations and mostly better priced at the flash sale sites that change their items every day.

A good example is the Core Bamboo kitchen/houseware deals at Fab for the next two or three days in comparison to the Home.Woot deals last week (or two weeks ago?). Fab has a larger selection and their product lineup updates everyday. The prices are slightly lower (in this case) at Fab, and I think it's mostly just comparable in other flash sales.

Always check prices. Always be resourceful. This is, after all, DEALS.Woot, right?


I shop around, no matter who says what is a "deal". But, it's good to know when others do, and I'd like to see more people post about it. Too many, I think, can simply go by the MSRP they are shown. But, that also begs the question, when is a deal not a deal anymore? I've seen DVDs posted so many times for $5 or less, that I don't think $5 is a deal on a DVD anymore. It seems that's basically the price of a DVD... no matter what the MSRP is.


I'm just surprised they sell out. The Timex deal this week was no deal at all. The Expedition Resin (was 30 bucks, 5 shipping) 33 over at Amazon, free shipping for me with prime, so actually 2 bucks MORE at Woot Plus.

But no, I'm not surprised. And, like some of you, I do wonder if there isn't another motive for the apparent foot dragging about adding comments to the Woot Plus deals (they said they were going to, hasn't been implemented.)


@wilfbrim: There's no foot dragging, no motive! They just aren't automated right now, and while we do our best to get the word out about these threads, we know it really isn't optimal right now.

Yes, it is very high on the list.

We appreciate everyone's patience. :)


@inkycatz: Thanks for letting us know that adding woot plus discussions is high on the revision list.

Am hoping that even higher on the list is a move of woot plus to a separate tab of it's own. Completely off of the individual sites' landing pages. :-D


@gmwhit: I don't know about that particular change. I do know that the tread automation is just part of a whole host of changes going on though.