questionswhat's the best halloween costume you've ever…


A pig headed costume with a top hat and tails. Very good quality that I cannot find anywhere.


Personally, I like the Statue of David costume.


Granted I'm a bit biased since he's a friend of mine but even without that I think I'd still have to put a vote out for this.
Rubbermaid Samurai Costume. Made entirely out of spare parts and plastic trashcans


... Oh my god. Yes. Just yes.


I wore all black and put an infrared led in the center of the shirt. When people asked what I was I told them I was the light at the end of the tunnel. Most thought it was really depressing until I had them look at it through a camera. My slogan was "If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, maybe it infrared."
My techie friends loved it right away, the non techies liked it because it was a light that they could only see through the camera.
It was a fun year.


Two years ago, my 12 year old brother was the Crack Fox from the Mighty Boosh.
He had the costume down to a T, including the syringe fingers (minus the needles haha). He said some people were pretty disturbed when they saw him, and he described he was the "crack fox" lol.


I was in Las Vegas last year for Halloween and the costumes were amazing. Talking to a lot of the people I found out that many had friends who worked for the costume departments for a lot of the Vegas shows. I mean, there was a Where the Wild Things Are wild thing full size. It was immense.


I had some buddies (six to be exact) that showed up at a huge downtown Halloween party all dressed as beer bottles. The sweetest part was one of them made a case out of cardboard to complete the six pack. Everyone loved the costume especially the chicks, looked a little awkward slow dancing though.


A man dressed like he was caught in a wind storm. He had his hair gelled so that it was spiking at the back of his head, a umbrella turned inside out that he carried behind him like he was getting blown back, a trench coat that he somehow rigged so it looked like it was flying open from the back, a tie he somehow made to look like it was flying away. Amazing. And cheap!


a teen wolf (the basketball version) - this kid had individual strands and locks of strands glued to his exposed parts (think: 80's basketball shorts and tank top) - body and face. It wasn't too perfect - had a doll's head effect (7 to 10 strands per glue site) but if you remember the movie - this is pretty much wht was done.. so in terms of movie accuracy it was great!

Must have taken hours. He had the exact look and build, too.. so it worked.

My second "best" would be my own - a home-made frank the rabbit (donnie darko) costume lol.


My (fraternal) twin grandsons dressed up by their parents as Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the movie "Shaun of the Dead" (
Here is photo:

Second best would be thin-haired gent dressed only in a tablecloth made into a diaper and carrying a bottle that is normally used to feed calves.


Two costumes I keep mentioning to everyone:
1) piranha plant:
2) transformer: (before)


4 teachers dressed as life-sized Tetris pieces the other year. They could all interlock. It was beautiful.