questionswhat will replace house, m.d. on your dvr?


Nothing. My goal is to watch less TV, not add more or even maintain the status quo. And from the looks of the new shows picked up for the fall, the networks are very happy to assist me in my goal.


I like "Don't trust the B in apt 23"
I liked Krysten Ritter since she was on Breaking Bad.
The other girl looks like a fish.


I can't think of any similar shows that will replace House, but I've been recently getting into Boardwalk Empire which isn't similar to House at all, but it's a really good show. It's on HBO and definitely not a family-friendly show.

I usually only watch House when I'm working on a project or housework since it's a great background or half-watching show since it's entertaining and I can usually follow what's going on even if I miss bits of it. Even though it's mostly predictable (patient has mysterious illness, patient almost dies, House has a revelation or a nontraditional treatment method, patient is cured), I always get sucked into watching it.


I don't have a DVR and never watched House, but I haven't seen anything that looked interesting except possibly Falling Skies. I need to do more research.