questionshow do you spice-up your love-life?


A little bit of nutmeg and a pinch of cumin ought to do the trick.


Just getting rid of the kids for a while is magic! No waiting for a knock at the door, no interruptions to break up fights.... Like I said, MAGIC!


With busy lives, it helps to build anticipation for when free time is available. While hubby knows I can be a bit quirky and unpredictable, he is typically too busy/tired to notice I am up to something. A short, random funtalk call to his cell during lunch - do not talk, dear, just listen... or a little note in his briefcase with suggestions for weekend `activities`, asking him to circle option 1,2, or 3 seems to fuel his imagination.


Sometimes all you need is a change of environment. If you don't have time/money for a vacation, just rent a nice hotel room. Bring the massage oil and really focus on each other. Don't turn on anything electronic...battery power is ok :)


@ohcheri: My wife uses lithium ion batteries. I told her to just upgrade to the gas powered already...


Just a couple of weeks ago had a lovely time on a blanket out of view off and old dirt road up in the mountains. One night drove out to a very secluded rural area( I have a pick up) and enjoyed star gazing, talking and some intimate time. Also a nice dinner then to a very dark(moonless night) at a quiet beach, tail gate down backed very near the water line.


three some, works every time


Artfully wrapped my naked self in saran wrap and met my husband at the door. After he stopped laughing (?!?), everything went as planned. :-D


Hot tub if possible. If not, share a bath or shower.


@lexian: You realize you just poked a giant hole in Paul Reubens' defense tactic, don't you?


Yes on toys. She says "Big yes!"
Extended foreplay.
Sometimes just give her a couple happy endings- then get up and leave.
Put a blanket on the couch, and play "Beat the commercials".
"Instant foreplay" is just some lube, some care and a smile.
Every couple ends up with standard routines and positions. Talk about them, and then change them up. You can make different "sets" and go from there.
Accept that it takes most women 20 minutes to get fully started, and 5 minutes for most men to finish. Don't take it personal. Plan your activities accordingly. Don't be the "main event", be the "grand finale".


Be extremely lucky in having the right soulmate. (Some times it takes more than one try...)
Second time around, and still madly in love, despite raising 4 kids. And it helps that they have all moved out of the house.


Roleplaying? lol. I hope google never finds this post from me.


A particularly soft woot shirt. :)