questionshow do we thank our wootizen boc exchange sender?


Unfortunately not on this side. The only PMs are allowed on woot proper per this thread. However, you can search by username here to find questions answered/asked/etc. and reply to them there.


Also if you put an "@" before their user name, they should get a notification that they've been mentioned in a comment and they may be more likely to see it.

And, you're welcome, @bbdickso1. I hope you found it suitable crappy and maybe even have some uses for some of the items (other than saving them for the next Wootizen BOC).
I'm looking forward to getting mine.


@gt0163c: While you're here why not check out the Triangle Club thread and post there? :)


Speaking of BOC's...
@90mcg112: I just got yours today! I didn't get to open it until I got back from work, but I loved all of the stuff inside the box :) Hopefully the box I sent you isn't a disappointment.


@jsimsace: Thank you SO much for posting a link to that thread! I lost it sometime back and will now save it three different locations.


I got a tough one... @Agingdragqueen You have a PM :)


@magic cave: If you ever lose it again, it's part of my signature in the forums.


@gideonfrost: your package should arrive today, but do you want a pm? Or should I not have told you?

@unclefrog: your package should arrive on Friday, do YOU want a pm?


Woot, you want a community here, and you have one. Now the community need a PM link here!


@mossygreen: the post office hasn't been working with my schedule so yours is in my back seat still. I'm sorry, I'll try again tonight hopefully their machine will be working again.


@dontwantaname: Thanks for having our backs. Per your suggestion a few months ago I mentioned it several times in the beta feedback box, apparently to no avail. :(


@gt0163c also gets a big thanks from me for the Bag of Carrots that my wife tore open a couple of days ago! Hopefully I'll get a chance to look through it soon and post up the goods! I did happen to catch a glimpse of a Daniel Sans that had me laughing ;-)


@mossygreen: No PM necessary as I'll most likely be at home all day. Also, please accept my apology in advance. I have been very ill, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't been able to send out your Crapmas BOC, but I assure you it will be on the way ASAP.


@bbdickso1 - Got the BOC tonight when I got home. I was really excited to get a HUGE box full of all sorts of stuff that I'm still sorting through. Thanks again!


@hirshy: I got your BOC yesterday. Thank you, we had a lot of fun going through it. My wife is happy to have a couple of smaller t-shirts for bumming around the house and gym. I posted a photo over in the other BOC thread.