questionsanyone else tired of writing a long reply and…


notice that my above reply is not long...take no chances!


I hate when it occurs on a long reply and when posting a deal. You opt for the correct picture, make sure to include all relevant information, add a little polish; all to get the Yikes!


Yes, I am tired of it, but I also try to be ready for it in the event that it does happen. I try to copy all my typed out stuff before submitting it, just in case that happens. Also, sometimes when I get that error, I can hit the back button on my browser and get everything back the way it was and try again.


I had an answer of epic proportions written, then touched outside the box and it all went away.

So, yes :)


Whenever I post to an online forum or comment on a blog, I always hit CTRL+A, then CTRL+C before hitting submit. That way, I can just re-paste my message.

What I hate on here, is if I accidentally click anywhere outside the message box, the message box disappears, contents and all. You would think that clicking "Add an answer" again would bring up your work already in-progress.


Yep, and agree with several of the above. Always copy it so it's just an easy paste when something goes haywire.


Well I-
Yikes, there's been a server error


@omnichad: This 100% lol I always copy my big replies in fear of having to retype them!


Yes, there should be a better way. In the meantime I try to keep my answers short.


@jsimsace: There might be if you have Chrome. This Chrome extension saves comments while you type on many different web sites:


@omnichad: Interesting....I'll give it a try. Thanks!


@omnichad: Good find. Although it seems to act up when I'm trying to copy and paste other places as well.


Sometimes when I have worked hard on a response I copy it to my clipboard before I hit "submit", so if it doesn't make it through the gauntlet I can report right away and if it still isn't working I can save it to Word or whatever and try again later.