questionshas anyone else received a mystery package from…


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@jumbowoot has been doing some awesome wooter appreciation lately, and we really appreciate it (from the department of the redundancy department). From the free shirt coupon to apparently the secret package, makes it fun to be a wooter.

All told :)


@oheifearnain: Just in case I was the only one special enough to receive this woot gift, I didn't want to say lest the proles rise up in protest.

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@woothulhu: All was not told, I want to know more, in fact I want to know all.


@jumbowoot: Nice to know you're still an old softie at heart.

@hlx: Congratulations, and spill the beans on what you got. It's a tradition. Okay, maybe not, but we still want to know. ;-}


@oheifearnain: All I knew was.

Besides, it was only really an homage to the great one.


If you are going to post something like this, it is just downright mean not to spill the beans on what you received. (Don't you know that the suspense could kill us? You don't really want to be responsible for all our deaths, do you?)


Wow! That was quick!

I want to thank the community as a whole for all of the deals posted. Our audience is growing and having good deals around for everyone to participate in encourages real folks to come back every day. I wanted to send out an extra special thank you to the members who posted a deal that the community deemed popular back in March. As I was signing them, I was reminded that each of you are more than just a userID on a deals forum. There is a face, and a voice, and a job, and a home on the other end and I found myself even more grateful that you chose to spend some of your time with us.

Thanks to all.

All told.


@theoneill555: OK - Now that I know I'm not singularly special beyond my close proximity to the Woot kingdom in TX, and knowing that others more worthy have only time between them and their gift, beans will be spilt.

It was a BestBuy gift card. Having received many of these for trivial amounts in the past from a previous employer (for herculean tasks I might add), I assumed it would be valued modestly but decided to browse on to see if I could discover the mystery value. I dug around the BB site, found a page you could input the card number, scratched off the security code and much to my surprise, it was for $50!

Very much appreciated and somewhat makes up for the close-but-no-cigar on the Basket-Of-Cheese during the last woot-off.

Thank you woot. I will use it wisely.

hlx hlx

[not sarcasm i swear]
Aww great gift! No mater what it is knowing you are appreciated what a great gift!

Crap, now I better get my wife a surprise gift.
[/not sarcasm i swear]


Wow @jumbowoot Woot that is mighty generous.

Congratulations @hlx.


Cool, congratulations to everyone that got one! I've got one deal that was 'made popular a month ago', so I hope that I make the cut ;)

Thanks Jumbowoot, you guys are the best!

Edit: Yay, I posted it March 2nd!!


@hlx: Thanks for the spillage. :)

All hail, the Jumbowoot.


@jumbowoot: Whoa. This has the vague possibility that even I will get one. I had not one, but two deals that went popular in March (much to my stunned amazement). I actually managed to send the free shirt (the February present from Deals) to someone else (and they were ecstatic to get the "It Came Out of Nowhere" shirt), and it always makes me happy to give people presents. It's even cooler when you made it so simple.

On a completely different note, is @brutherford now the official face of Moofi? I've started checking to see whether he's posted anything whenever I check on deals (Moofi has been my favorite dot Woot lately). Moofi FTW!




shrdlu: I have to compliment your or your friend's choice of woot shirt. Thank you for helping to keep it in the top 20.


@hlx: Congrats yo!
@jumbowoot You're too kind ya know that? You had better go outside with a magnifying glass & burn some ants to even this out.


Just in case we are selected, how do you know where to ship things? Do you just use our last wooted address?


@woothulhu: whatever shipping address you have on file is where it will probably go.


Hey, cool! These surprises are always nice to see. I had a deal go popular on the 31st, so I hope I made the cut for a gift XD


@abramokids @shrdlu I want to jump on the I-had-a-march-deal-go-popular bandwagon, because I had four! #Bazinga! ><

I also had a question earlier that I tried to screenshot, but someone deleted it.

A user posted: "Is xarous always a butthead?"

I felt proud.

See my chest is swelling up with pride...wait...that must be the meat glue or abnormal hormones being injected in my sub-par groceries. Eh, @lavikinga?


@wilcononomous: You are correct. We sent it to the last shipping address you used.


@xarous: As a Deals reward for being Top (descriptive comment edited ahead of time), YOU get a pound of meatglue, 2 pounds of pork, 3 pounds of beef, one large salmon, a pound of peeled rock shrimp, a whole roaster chicken and a roll of plastic wrap. Knock yourself out!

@jumbowoot: ;) My helmet is tipped in your direction.


@lavikinga: you know he's just going to glue all those things together...


@lavikinga: That sounds delicious. Chisalbeebaconshrimptastic.


@jumbowoot: Just wanted to thank you and Woot for my "Mystery Package!"


@wilcononomous: as long as he puts cheese on it and posts the photo on the internet. Oh dear. Turducken!!! I just now thought of that abomination.


"It isn't my five year woot anniversary yet (but coming up!)"
Mine passed in Feb. and nothing came :'(

No BOC, no monkey, not even an automated email saying how cool I am for throwing cashing at them for all these years. I guess that kind of thing isn't important when hundreds of thousands of other people also have been around for that long. I wonder how many of them are still active though.

Congrats on the sweet Best Buy cash!


@iggz: Didn't your folks ever tell you "Hard work is its own reward?"

To quote Frank Burns, "it's nice to be nice to the nice." Try it. You never know what good might come of it. Or continue to be a pain in the ass here where you are hated as much as admired. More or less. ;)


I hope i get something. I had 14 deals go popular last month! I like this free stuff from deals.woot. It makes finding and sharing deals that much more worth it.


@xarous: Aw man! I never had a thread dedicated to hating me :\ Maybe I need to act more nasty? Nah. It'll happen on it's own one day I suppose...


I am just going to add this info and its not a thread crap or a hater message, as I have received a free shirt too and very much appreciate it!

Woot makes a LOT of money off our deal postings. If you notice, they add their affiliate links to all the deals posted and make a percentage off every sale (and maybe even just for following the links like google adsense does).

That being said, I think that its great for them to provide a moderated location for us to post deals and for us to find them. They SHOULD make money off of it as it costs money to provide this quality site. I am also grateful for the gifts they share with us who post popular deals, because they realize it takes a lot of time to research and post a solid deal.

So there you go and thank you woot!


i posted a large number of deals that went popular in March, but i've also been a huge PITA to the staff lately. we'll see if that affects things ;P

anyways, seriously cool thing you guys do. we get to be a part of a cool, ever-growing community AND there's the possibility of surprise gifts. WIN-WIN :D


So i guess since i had, i think, 2 popular woots in march, it's reasonable to be expecting $100 soon?



Doing some quick math based on the number of deals made popular in the past 30 days (if it's consistent at least) about 850 deals are made popular a month.

Now I'm certain a huge number of those deals are either repeat posters (assuming they don't get two gift cards) or Woot staffers (who knows), but that's gotta be at least 300 or 400 gift cards going out there. That's like $15,000+ spent on gift cards for the Deals.woot community!

Amazing, thanks Woot!


@lavikinga: All I ever wanted was to be loved (,_,)


@lavikinga: Okay, I mean this in the nicest, most respectful way possible. I visited your website, and you are a total MILF!! Like Woaaahh =O


I hope when I accidentalness make jumbowoot happy I just get Woot credit. Why would anyone want to shop anywhere else.


@jumbowoot I had a deal that was made popular in march! WOOT! Except, you have my Mom's address. I need to go to old home and check mail.


@iggz: Dude, you be trippin'. 4/20 was Wednesday ;)

@jnet9102: And if Mom's got a brand new stack of DVDs you'll know she checked the mail!


@lavikinga: Nice! Great Mash reference! I think I will spend the day at work dropping mash quotes, as many Flagg quotes as I can.


Very cool @JumboWoot
It's cool stories like this that make me come to the site. The staff here cares about us, not like most places out there that just see you as money.


I got the gift as well, I was totally confused by it. Wrote woot on twitter saying I had received this but with no idea why, their response was that they were still trying to learn the ins and outs of the nigerian prince scam haha.. too funny


@caffeine_dude: Loved Col. Flagg. I wonder if anyone would have caught the reference if I hadn't mentioned Frank?


I'm kind of surprised it's Best Buy gift cards instead of Amazon... y'know, since Woot is owned by Amazon and everything (I'm sure they could get them for free or at a great discount at least).


@jumbowoot: although i didn't get the best buy card (or maybe it just hasn't been delivered yet), i did get the February coupon code. so thanks!

i <7 you guys! which, IMHO, is greater than <3.


What an unexpected, completely-unnecessary-but-so-very-kind-of-you thing to do. Bravo, @jumbowoot, and +1 to the Deals Community.