questionswhich printers are the most ink-efficient?


It's an expense to you ... it's profits for them.

If inkjet, the newer Kodak printers are not as horrible as their early models. If laser, Brother are cheaper than the competitors in the consumables aspect. This is based with OEM replacements ... 3rd party, the cost can be even less.

If you don't mind screwing with the printer a bit, though, an Epson + 3rd party Continuous Ink System.


I prefer the brother (black/white)laser printers. They seem to last forever with little fuss and the off market high capacity toner cartridges are not expensive additionally, alot of the brothers will accept either a normal capacity toner cartridge or they also make high capacity toner cartridges.


If you don't need color, Best bet is to find a good used HP Laser printer like a 4050 or 4250 series. They can be had for less that $100 on eBay or refurbished. Off-brand toner runs about $35. Yield is 10,000 pages. Prints 35 pages per minute. Not only that, it has really cool software to monitor usage.


"If" you can get by with B&W I'd really suggest a laser printer. My Brother goes forever (1+ years with fairly heavy use) before it needs another $15 toner cartridge.
I've tried Brother and most recently HP for color inkjet printers but they all require multiple cartridges/year and needed constant cleaning. I'm DONE with inkjet printers, sure I like color but I just won't put up with the constant trouble they cause!
Color laser printers are also available, my mother has a HP color laser printer, she hasn't had to replace the toners since new and has had it for 3+ years. She uses it but fairly lightly since she also has a Brother B&W laser she uses for everything she doesn't need color for. Note color cartridges are very expensive(I believe ~$70 each) but again rarely have to be replaced.
If you can put up with the hassle of inkjet printers all the more power to you but I've had enough of them. Color laser printers also have the advantage of very fast printing and don't run when wet.


To an extent with printers, you get what you pay for. I gave up on ink jets a long time ago and never regretted it.


@wnyx585am: Me too I have 2 Samsung laser printers 1740 for black and cpl 315w for color. I leave the color off for maximum power savings. It beats our ink jets because ink jets would clog between long uses.
Sticker shock is expected for toner replacement but it should last several years and will save money compared to inkjet.

I refill the 1740 1 time to save cash.


For printing where you don't need picture quality color, laser printers are the way to go. Especially if you're like me where you print a mass amount during the course of a couple days and then can go months before needing to print again. Since you don't have to worry about the laser printers "toner" drying out like the ink jets, you can essentially always rely on your printer being ready for your last second high priority print out!

Laser printers and toner may be more expensive up front, but on average has a much larger duty cycle than ink cartridges and in the long run will save you a significant amount of money.


I bought a used HP LaserJet 2100 from a business liquidation auction for ~$30 over a year ago and I am still on the same toner cartridge that was in there when I bought it. It's big, but built like an ox.