questionschallenge have you seen a deal on a folding tableā€¦


There is an ad for tractor supply for a 6ft folding banquet table for $34.99. (last page of circular)

A lot of these 6 ft tables are ok at first, but after you put weight on them for awhile they tend to warp/bow in the center. Look for one that is supported in the center. There are different forms of construction and materials for these tables too, so you do tend to get what you pay for.

a store called Ollie's bargain Outlet had some top notch ones for about $50.00, but I cannot link to an add there. I was lucky to get one, as people were loading trucks up with those tables.,or.rgc.rpw.,cf.osb&fp=d15ceb36c23c26c4&biw=1603&bih=749

quick google search indicates a wide variety and price for these tables.


something else to consider, depending on how long you are going to use it and what you are going to use it for, is this: are the legs adjustable? My table legs fold out, like most do, but the legs have adjustable height as well. This is good for uneven surfaces, variety of setup options, and of course for different heights of people. I set my table up for kids sometimes and it is nice to have it lower to the ground. When it is set up for a display or for adults, it is nicer to have added height.

sorry for the super long post, you may just be looking for an el cheapo to get you through the short term.


Both WalMart and Target usually have this style in stock for $30 - $40. I picked mine up at Target and it was only $33 but that was 3 months ago.


Thanks, guys. I mostly sell jewelry, so the weight I will put on it is minimal, other than people resting their weight on it when they are leaning over the jewelry. It being lightweight is a better selling point than being able to support heavy weight, as I am by myself setting all this up. The downside of lightweight is that it's more vulnerable to wind. The fair is on the street, so the surface is pretty level, although I can see adjustable legs being a plus I wouldn't pay extra for that feature. I unfortunately don't have a tractor supply store here. I've heard that's a great store, though. I see that KMart will have a 5' table for $28 on Black Friday, but I was hoping for a 6' one.