questionswhat does the woot community know about you ?


@dontwantaname: anybody can pretty much google anything.

no1 no1

Damn good question. Probably more than I should have let out, and yet not as much as some would like to know. The answer I'd have liked to have given is "not a gorram thing".


@shrdlu: "I require caffeine to stay out of prison."

I think that may have been the first thing I remembered clearly about you! :)


I currently live in South Florida, am retired and married. Anything else is questionable and even some of what is true may change.


Hmmmmm. I try to be kinda vague in personal answers but you should know I have a 21-year old son, divorced, and live in DFW area. Work from home. Night shift. Have a dog. Did have son's cat (RIP).

Hopefully that's about it.



The hair issue is a complicated one... I've been going to the same barber ("Italian man") since 1972 or so and he still gives a decent haircut, though he is quite a bit slower than he used to be. About a year ago, he was out on jury duty and the "Spanish woman" cut my hair instead... and it was a really good haircut, better than "Italian guy" does.

But I was unable to stop going to "Italian guy" due to my fraked up sense of loyalty, so whenever he was in, I couldn't go to "Spanish woman."

But now, he is semi-retired and only in on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so I can get a better haircut and not risk offending anyone... I get so many compliments on my hair now...


Edit: Wait! I'm away on vacation, so that cannot be me (I just checked your GPS tag and I know you're not here at the resort). So that has to be my sister's secret new boyfriend (she is watching my place)... I need photos of the guy... Please post them here.


@baqui63: I was just peeking into your window. When did you change your hair??? I like it!!!!


Meh... I've stopped short of mentioning certain specifics but I'm certain that anyone who tried could find quite a bit about me on deals.woot and possibly enough to find me IRL. This doesn't concern me all that much, though given what I have surmised about some of you, perhaps it should.


I don't exist on FB, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc., either. Never have/never will.
If you "find" me's NOT ME. I refuse to even go to any of their public pages.

I own a small handful of private forums where we discuss politics, daily news, trade jokes, get into deep philosophical discussions, pick on each other, cry on each others' shoulders when needed, and often just chat about totally inane topics. I would never do that on any site like FB (or even here, for that matter.) There, I'm the moderator, and I do that with a very loose hand, which means almost never. Since we're private, the groups just don't need that type of supervision....although I (and my other mods) do occas. have "fun" with certain members using our edit function, hehehe. (Makes them laugh, too, 'cuz it's almost always playing around with an inside joke or something like that.)


I live in the Heart of Dixie and say y'all and ain't a lot....yet if you heard any of my medical lectures or read any of my technical papers, you'd never guess that. I goof around here and commonly slip into casual Southernspeak, but have always scored in the 98th or 99th percentile of any English skills assessment I've ever taken. Side effect/downfall: extreme loquacity.

My spacebar is currently broken and many of my keys are sticking.

I love all animals....esp. cats. Most especially, seal-point Siamese cats. Favorite dog breed: Blk/rust Doberman pinscher. Also have assorted reptile pets. All are rescues. Active in wildlife rescue, too.

I work odd (and often exhausting) hours, but fewer than I used to.

I know TONS of essentially useless trivial information.

Although I'm VERY much a girlie-girl, I'm also a dedicated science (and science-fiction!) nerd.

Oh.......I almost forgot:
I am the current Empress of the Multiverse---for life/eternity. Be nice to me. :-)


The woot community probably knows I don't exist on facebook (and is likely tired of hearing me say that). The woot community probably also knows I own a Wii (and probably thinks I'm crazy for still using one). The woot community probably knows I post a lot of movie and storage deals. The woot community probably knows I prefer WD over Seagate for the latter of those tow. The woot community has also seen me complain about a certain online retailer who allowed my credit card information to be stolen - twice.


I like big butts and I can not lie........


Just Google me. :-) And if you find anything creepy let me know!


@gatzby: But I know you live in Seattle :o


@no1: You are the woot bubba who can google anything.


I have lost count of the number of times that I made a comment, read it through, and deleted it, because there was way too much information in it. At one time, you could have easily found me through my username, but that was a time long ago, before search engines or the World Wide Web (from whence you have www implying a web site). Now I simple merge with the Brownian motion of the multiverse.

There are certainly plenty of things you could guess about my background, including level of education and the fact that I require caffeine to stay out of prison. I like to garden, and prefer solitude.

Interesting question. The comments have been entertaining. I was very tempted, when I first saw the question, to present some surmises about other deals denizens, but have changed my mind.


I can't read your minds. How would I know what you know about me? That being said, you could probably find almost everything about me if you were willing to go through all 107 pages of my questions answered.


Not enough to convict me (please don't search....I swear it was an accident.).

@gideonfrost: Sorry about the fiancee thing...I think I was only guilty once or twice. :)


Well, let's see. I'm a pork enthusiast who like to shave. Oh, and...


That about covers it.


The Woot Community knows enough about me that I can never run for public office. ;)


They know enough that if I say girlfriend at least one smart alec comes back with "You mean Fiancee" also that I am clearly the cooler of the two main Des Moinians at deals.woot the other being @lichme, I pal around with the infamous Not-the-real-woot-chat-channelers like @cowboydann @publicart etc. I'd like to think they know about my huge shirt colletion. but I usually get overshadowed there by @narfcake.

I just bought a house
I'm vegan
I just changed jobs

I'm sure I could go on and on. really.


Not to much. In main deals you basically know I am alive and in the thread which gave you this idea I said I have a brother. Besides that I usually either make posts with light hearted joking responses (which again is shown in the other thread with the lawn joke) or commenting on a product I own. If you go thru voting history for all members I am sure you could come up with some basic likes and dislikes but nothing to major.

With the creation of local you can find out the area of the country I live in and then general statements like I am a simple eater but even then I keep statements fairly generalized not giving out any directly connected names or locations.

With that said there is more information about me on Woot then anywhere else since I am not a member of any online social networking sites. But at that I try to keep things general and not give anything to personal.


If you spend any time in TurnTable, you know much more than what you'd find on these threads. I don't think there's all that much information about me on here, other than I have work issues.


@katblue: I'm a tl; dr category all unto my own self, apparently. LESSON LEARNED (it's okay, I like knowing things about all of you and sharing where relevant!)
@no1: thanks! :)


Gee, @inkycatz, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel. :)


You all know too much about me if I have to use two reply boxes for things. I'm scared now. :D


- I like to play games (various threads), and like to think of myself as someone that think of others often (cube safety, snow gear thread)
- I spend a lot of my energy trying to get people to bounce around the forums and discover new things (that reminds me I need to do another roundup thread)
- I own iThings (I forgot where this came up but I am sure it has, if not bonus info round)
- I make my own foil hats. They are lovely.
- I don't hang out at the weekly chats.


Let's see if I can get everything in one place.
I live in Seattle.
I work here. Sometimes I work at home. Sometimes I work in a very large and lovely cube. I have a young Siamese/Snowshoe cat that I refer to as "The Intern", a fish, and live in a small apartment.
- I'm a pale person who hates the sun (sunscreen thread), yet I really have a fondness for sports (numerous threads)
- I have no sense of humor (ask anyone) and I hate change (iGoogle thread)
- I will totally ask you all for advice (electric blankets, juicers, potluck ideas) because I get annoyed at shopping
- I like happy things which include cats, otters, and good news. (Anti-rant threads, community is awesome, and happy things threads) Horror movies aren't my thing.


I think I have given up way too much .


i think the answer for most of us is: WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


geez more current gets more interesting you can tell that I use an iphone with verizon my current residence and that I send stuff to africa....


I think everyone knows that I have a horrible neighbor @superheman