questionsis voldemort messing with my harry potter deal…


It must be some Death Eater jynx as I was able to post a deal for the Didj that is on sale on the Scholastic site. I had the correct pic and link (I removed the deal as I was just testing). Hopefully, a staff member armed with the Elder wand will appear and perform a Finite Incantatum.


@linkage89: Aha! Just as I suspected. We've seen books used as horcruxes before. Thanks for the confirmation!

@jumbowoot: That was quick. Thanks!


@jumbowoot: Erm. The deal's fine (thanks for that), but the bug's still there. Click on the deal (hardcover or paperback, it doesn't matter), then try out the "woot this deal" button. I get the error with both FFox (5.0) and Chrome (12.0.742.112).

Maybe something for @shawmniller and company to look into at some point?


@heymo: they seem to work, they both take me to harry potter book sets on the scholastic website. i don't see or have the "woot this deal" button, i think that's a plugin?


@w00tgurl: D'oh!

I spent all that time fighting with the "woot this deal" button (which is actually a bookmark), when the "add a deal" button on the deals site handles it fine!

Still, it is a bug. But far less serious now that I have a work-around. Thanks!

@linkage89: did you use the "woot this deal" button while at the Didj page, or did you enter the deal's URL using the "add a deal" on deals.woot?


@heymo: I use the "add a deal" and copy the url, as there have been previous complaints about the "woot this deal"