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Yeah, been watching CNN for many hours this morning. It reminds me of sitting glued to the tv years ago watching the white Ford Bronco chase.

And not trying to be a jerk, so I hope you don't take it that way. But I think DOA is a better way to describe the first suspect, not RIP. If he is who they say he is and did what they say he did, I don't think anyone is wishing him peace.


@pitamuffin: DOA would be innapropriate too & KIA is reserved for our military members killed by the enemy. We used DOW (died of wounds) for enemies (not sure if it was correct, but whatever), so that is good enough for me!

But yes, anybody who has watched or glanced at a TV screen since about 3am should know by now.


@firebirdude: Well, I don't think that many of us really care if this mutt rests in peace. I would mostly say they just were killed.

Technical note: In the official U.S. DoD parlance, KIA refers to service members who were injured as a result of enemy action and did not survive to reach a medical treatment facility. If a member reaches a treatment facility and dies subsequent (usually up to 30 days) they are said to have died of wounds (DOW). After 30 days things get messy, as they are considered to have died secondary to infection or other complications from the wounds, rather than the wounds themselves and the terminology gets a bit cloudy.


I like to use a term coined during the I Love Bees ARG.
Dead Right There.

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U-Stream is monitoring the live transmission of the local and state police:

Also..Terrorist Uncle will kick your loser a**



You're telling me that kid was on Old Time Radio?!


All the many reports that he is in custody are finally true.