questionsdo you up-vote deals posted by brand new wooters?


As a follow-up. I've noticed that a lot of these deals are for 20% off at hotels/motels. The fact that there are so many of them, they are so similar and they are for similar businesses has also made me wary.


My security software warns Me about suspicious sites occasionally but it is not just the new members who put up bad sites. Some of the sponsored deals have given security warnings.


The hotel/motel deals mentioned are posted by different new users daily and often multiple times.
I'm tired of spam.
I'm going back to sleep.


I up vote deals that are really a DEAL and not just an ad. I don't care who posts it.


Yes, I'll usually up-vote any genuine deal whether I'm personally interested in it or not, but it has to meet the standard criteria (on sale, discount code, or special offer of free shipping) to get my vote.

As to the mini-flood of new members, you and @ceagee beat me to the question. I'm curious as to why a bunch of people are joining just to post one and only one deal for a discount at a motel or car rental place. I've located the same discount codes on, so they may be legit offers, although some comments have been left that the deals are expired.

What I want to know is why these deals are posted? Attempts to build a posting history so if they come back with typical off-shore sleazy spam they'll look more legitimate? I'm inclined to think it's one person with many faux accounts, but I have no real reason to think that.

Anyone else with a good guess?


The length of membership has little to nothing to do with a deal's worthiness.


As @magic cave already said, I'll upvote if it's a legitimate deal. The fact that the user just joined does throw up a red flag for me, so I give those deals quite a bit more scrutiny before clicking.

As to why (on those travel deals) I haven't researched those, but there has to be a financial motivation in there somewhere. Right? Has anyone looked into the domain names for the links to see if they trace back to anything interesting?


At one time, we were all new.


@barnabee: yeah, agreed. But you probably got an account to buy something and likely didn't post a deal on your first day. I spent a while looking around before posting my first deal.