questionsbubble machine for a toddler


The one you posted looks fine for what you want. Here is another one however that popped up when I searched toddler safe bubble machine.

If you load any of them up with colored bubbles it will be even better.


Since toddlers need constant supervision any way. I'd suggest the one you didn't want as a really good idea. My reasons being that it creates huge amounts of bubbles in an extremely simply designed machine. Being made for adult use it is very sturdy, and can easily be screwed in place far from little fingers reach. I actually have the very machine you didn't want, I have also found many children's bubble machines that die after one or two uses.
For the children themselves, real blow your own bubbles are much more fun and satisfying. For a room full of bubbles get the pro-bubble machine.

No matter what machine you get, do follow the machine cleaning instructions carefully after use.


Thanks for the assistance, guys!

I'm considering that one you found Catbert, though the facts Bippy mentioned have been a consistent theme across all such products I find. It seems most suggest ages 3+, and even then do require parental supervision not only due to small parts, but the likelihood of making a mess. Additionally, all the reviews are pretty consistent in showing they breakdown quick. Getting a baby something that breaks is worse than getting her nothing at all. :(

Unfortunately the baby hasn't figured out how to blow her own bubbles yet and just constantly wants adults to do it for her. :p

I'll continue my hunt, but keep both your suggestions in mind. :) Perhaps I'd be better off spending the extra cash on a machine from a local toy store that has a quick return-defective-item policy. If that doesn't pan out, I'll ask her parents what they think of a pro-machine since they are the ones who will need to safeguard it. (It's a gift for a friend's baby.)


@gregorylikescheapstu: I wouldn't bother. This is an expensive toy that will be outgrown in a heartbeat. Spend some time teaching the baby how to blow bubbles. Toddlers need supervision. Interaction is even better.

Get a toy that needs playing with. Things that encourage good hand to eye coordination are excellent.