questionscan we allow posting deals from woot sites?


You might get a "circular reference" warning. (Excel joke)

Seriously, there have been a couple of times when someone has mentioned a woot deal in the course of a conversation and I have gone over and bought it. With the proliferation of woot deals I rarely go there to shop anymore, instead of being able to check the site's offerings in a few seconds it's not really much different than any other online store any more. I am ambivalent about the idea of posting woot deals here, though.


Well... It seems the day for me to point out the obvious, but...

If you post a deal from one of the Woot sites, Zippy will just show up and say something clever, like "How is this a deal?" or perhaps someone else will point out that the seller seems unable to fulfill orders. Yeah, yeah, I know, why am I kicking someone who is already down for the count.

XXOO @miquinn


@shrdlu: Wrong. I have never flagged a deal on a Woot! site unless I can show there is a better deal elsewhere, and I always link to the deal. 'How is this a deal?' is a polite challenge to the poster rather than just proclaiming it is not a deal, not a snarky comment like yours was about my posts. I use that particular response when the item is normally priced and S&H is not included in the price.


@moondrake: Doesn't matter to me. After the royal ripoff on the "jewelry mystery box" from WootPlus deal a few weeks ago, I don't give a carp what they claim they're selling. It's pretty evident Woot didn't possess it or ship it, and the drop shipper that did sucks like a Hoover.

I'm officially cured of all WootPlus "deals" from here on out.


@zippy the pinhead: There is always a chance you will post 'how is this a deal?'


@caffeine_dude: No, there is not 'always' a chance. Not on a Woot site or a Woot+ site. Only on a deals.woot post. And only for posts that are normally priced and do not include S&H.


Assuming that most of the items on the main Woot site ARE deals, you could end up getting a post for every item listed. Since, as mentioned, you already have Lichme's post for that, why bother?


@kamikaze2007: well that's the thing, I'd say most aren't great deals. So the good ones will get voted up and seen on deals.woot.


@zippy the pinhead: By that philosophy, wouldn't a Bag of Carrots be considered a non-deal? It's always the same price and you always pay $5 shipping.. it never varies.....