questionsshould shirt.woot keep diversifying the product…


Why focus on your core business and the quality of said offering when you can sell MOAR STUFF!!!???


You know my vote. Stop diversifying, stop expanding - until you have your quality control under control.
But hey, I guess that one is right up there with fixing the black hole email system for customer support.

A lot of great folks work at woot and a lot of great things happen here, but man sometimes the most glaring issues take years to resolve.


I just find it sad that the majority of the new shirt choices don't even make it to the Top 20. They offered the AA option and then took it away before the latest police box went on sale ( I only bought one but would have bought extras if AA had been available). I like the totes but honestly how many totes does one really need. The duffels are not that big. I must admit that my youngest does love his hoodies and wore Listen to your Conscience, The Aviator, and Eats, Shoots, and Leaves in Orlando in 95 degree weather. I think that in trying to diversify, that they are spreading themselves thin and the site is losing it's main core of consumers.


I commented on the poll and suggested they add leak frogs and glow sticks. : )