questionsis it just me, or has this comment made on the…


i commented to exactly 15 people that i thought would want to know about the chat that have never been in the chat room. it was obvious by the post that the link was to the chat room, so anyone that read the comment would know before they clicked on it.
i'm sorry if you were offended by it.
i tattled myself since you all think these were spam and had them removed.


Guess the one who started this should weigh in. Excuse any typos but I am typing this from my mobile.

The 15 emails I got from deals.woot certainly looked spamish to me. This method of advertisement wasn't how I would have done it (especially when last week I was talking about switching the advertisement to a weekly emailreminder to those who want it and an ATC advertising it at the end of the month when I hold my DWChat contest). Also felt I should write a response because my name happened to be dropped in 15 posts. To be honest when I first got the email I was worried they'd never stop coming. I'm glad to see the rest of the members stayed put and didnt continue posting like posts. Sorryfor the spammy looking links. The whole reason I wanted t cange to a weekly email list because spammy ATC posts comes off as desperation, when I really just want to get the word out. Anyways, sorry again and I just want to let you know I'm working on les annoyin ways to get the word out


Alalso, I think the monthly email reminder (sent BCC of course) to all intereted parties is the best way to notify people. If anyone has any objection to that or a better idea i'd love to hear it. I know a lot of you are thinking, I don't care what he does just as long as I'm not seeing dwchat reminders every week.

Any input is appreciated. People keep calling this chatroom my chat room but I don't want it to be mine. I want it to be the community's and if the chat is annoying the community then it deserves to be referred to as @cowboydann's chat room, and I deserve all the negative criticism. Help me help you make this a thing we can all be happy about.

Again my apologies for any annoyances DWchat has been in the past, just know I"m working on making things better. Again sorry for typos and spelling errors or incomplete thought. Posting from mobile


I only saw one of those, but 15 seems like a little bit of overdose. There are plenty of these notices on this(ATC) side. I think CBD's solution of a subscription sounds like the best solution. :)


@moosezilla: You misunderstand. I don't want to click on a deal for the purpose of reading someone's comment or opinion about the deal only to find it's merely a spammish reminder about something else entirely. The ability to comment on a deal isn't intended for use as a bulletin board for information about other goings on.

Surely you would object to someone who added comments here that were simply links to sales on their website? And surely you understand it's the same principle?

Your intention was fine; the execution was problematical.


@cowboydann: Perhaps I was unclear in my original post. I love seeing a reminder over here on ATC. My evenings are hectic, I tend to forget about the the chat, and even with reminders posted here I still haven't made it in on time. I think a reminder here is a great idea, and an emailed reminder would be fine as well.

My objection is to finding reminders left as comments on deals, where they're off-topic and [in my opinion] inappropriate.

I think you're one of the top contributors to making ATC as much of a community as it can be; my post was in no way meant to question the pleasure of folks using the chat room or the validity of regular reminders here or via email about its date/time/location.


ATC reminders are the best reminders, 'nuff said.