questionsdo you like the app better than the website?


There are a few. I like perusing Reddit on my phone more than on the site itself, primarily because the next page loads automatically. It messes up a little though, and sometimes sets me back pretty far, so that I have to scroll through a couple pages of what I've already seen to get to what I haven't. Pretty minor though.

That's the only one that comes to mind at the moment, but I'm sure there are others I have


I used to go to the Weather Channel website all of the time. But, they messed around with it; they tried to make it "all things for all people" and it is now an awful mess. I no longer go there.
Woot, are you taking notes?


My personal preference for weather related activities.

EDIT: Just read the ACTUAL question.

I cant, off the top of my head, think of any app I prefer to use over a website because most apps don't have the full range of things to do like a full website does (See App Vs. full website.)


They somewhat recently redesigned the site and I am not a fan. I would have to say the app has my vote now.


I agree about the Weather Channel app - much better than website. I find the website almost useless. On the topic of weather apps, MyRadar is awesome (the free version is perfectly fine) and I highly recommend it.

As to your original question, I much prefer the Twitter phone app over the web page, although the iPad app seems less functional to me. And the Weight Watchers app is much easier for general use for the things I need like tracking points, but doesn't have full functionality.


I agree on the app. Much better than the website, except for the loading times. I hate that when the app opens, it shows me the "current" weather from the last time I opened it, and the screen is just frozen on that last image displayed for about 5-10 seconds while it retrieves updated info. I'd honestly rather look at a loading screen rather than yesterday's (misleading at this point) outdated info. Once it finally loads, though, it's great, and much easier to navigate than the website.

Other apps I prefer to the websites:


Oddly, my answer is Accuweather, another weather service. Love their app, though I love their older version better.


The app for is far superior to the website. Better organization, not having to load multiple pages to read one article, and a more reader friendly design are all why I prefer reading via the app.


@bstring87: the only thing that bothers me about the Cracked app is that videos just...aren't there. At least for me (I use the free one, if it makes a difference). Oftentimes the writer will refer to a video, and there's just nothing there for me, one paragraph and then the next talking about the video.

Everything else about it is great through


Apps are better.
Here are some examples.
Youtube is more stable.
email I use multiple accounts and a unified folder. I can add Widgets.
Accuweather has a nice widget. as does palmary weather.
Creigslist this is my fav


The app is better because its short and to the point. You dont need to go searching for what you want like on the website


i really like the new woot app :)


twitter. Not that I ever go on. but when i do it's on my phone. easier to navigate and see topics or whatever


I like my facebook app better than the site, I can read more stories rather than the edited version I get online.


I hate websites that force their pathetic mobile versions of the website, even if you have the settings set to use the full website. Do people realize how lame and useless the navigation is on some of these?

The local news site in my city forces you to their mobile page and it only shows the top 3 news stories, if you want more you have to click through multiple links, yet their main website has all the stories on the front page


i prefer using the twitter app to see what's on sale at woot than the 27 actual woot home pages (each of which, amazingly enough, is still cluttered. some web sites cram everything on the home page, some you have to click on several different pages to see everything available, woot combines the worst of both worlds). does that count?

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I like the app better too, it's simple and uncluttered.

But I'm with weather underground ( more for some odd reason.

They also have an iPhone app.


I don't use the Weather Channel, but I tend to prefer the website than the app on the things that I use(no facebook or twitter).


I like the Weather Channel app more than the site, too.
Pandora's app is better than the site experience as well.
Now that woot's site is so much more complex, the various third party apps really don't do it justice. I hope woot is working on their own app.