questionscan you recommend me an effective & small air…


Did you notice the fifth sponsored deal? I don't know if it's too big for you but you didn't mention it so I thought I'd point it out.

I've been keeping an eye out for a compact humidifier myself. I live in a very arid climate and have been having some long-term sinus issues that might be relieved with a humidifier. For some reason a lot of them have a night light which can't be turned off, which I definitely don't want.


The problem with your request is that the size of the unit is dependent on and proportional to the space it needs to filter.
Go here to get the CADR value and proceed from there.

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I would advise you check the cost of the filter replacements. I bought a decent one for larger rooms and the cost of the filter was nearly the cost of the entire unit and they had to be replaced twice a year.

I finally found some DIY sites on how to make your own filters. I put together one for around 25 bucks and I would say it beats their replacements and is fully washable. Can't find the site I used since this was a few years ago.

Also, the ionic breeze type ones are garbage, I never had any real luck with them


It's hard to find a decent true HEPA filter under a 100 bucks. Usually they will say Hepa like or something else to try and deceive you into believing you are getting a HEPA filter. Read the fine print.
HEPA is the only way to get rid of the littlest of allergens. The ion stuff is crap.

I have an old ancient Honeywell. I have 2 cats. It works well. It is not small or indiscreet though.It's not all that quiet either, but I like the white noise for sleep.

Yes the replacements can be pricey. Take care of your filters, and they won't give you grief. I vacuum my pre-filter and that makes it last a very long time. ( I've changed the HEPA once in 15+ years) . Plus if you vacuum the pre-filter you don't have to pay for new ones. There is an indicator light for the filters. So no, I am not overextending my HEPA filter. I usually vac. before the light goes on for the pre-filter.


I wouldn't dismiss how crappy the ionic ones are because I've used them and can see all the dust and pollen they've pulled out of the air every time I've had to clean the unit.