questionsdid i miss yet another woot change?


It's not common knowledge for me, at least. I'll be interested in reading the responses to your question.


It's been around for several months, but the answer is yes, when an item sells out early, or relatively early, or moderately early, Woot will post up something in its place.
Can't be having valuable real estate not generating revenue, you know, it's bad for business.

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What j5 said. I believe it started with sellout, but has migrated to the rest of the woot sites.


From the write up -
"Ain't No Wheelbarrows

No, you're not seeing things. Out of our (desperate craving for dollars) commitment to our customers, we're running an extra deal today. Who loves (money) you, baby?"

Yes, it isn't the first time they've done it - it did start around the beginning of the year, if memory serves.


@j5: I thought I was hallucinating all this time! Thanks for clearing that up


Kinda defeats the point of a deal a day website if they have more than one deal a day. Plus, it kinda screws over customers, since they cannot really know when to check. Not everyone is able to check at all times of the day. I know there've been items thrown up as a late replacement that I would have bought, had I known they were there.


@hellmark: Get some sort of rss or twitter feed to alert you of new items! It's not enough for you to give woot money for stuff, you have to work for it!


@bsmith1: That still requires having to check something. May as well just keep checking the webpage.


@hellmark: I think Twitter can email or text you when there are updates... How would you like to be notified?