questionshas a 12 month xbox live gold membership ever…


Has an XBL Membership ever been available for less than $35.99? I'm sure it has, in fact, I think I remember scooping up 2 years of Live for like 55 dollarbucks a few years back. Remember, iit was cheaper a few years ago until Microsoft raised the price (when they added NetFlix, Last.Fm and whatever other services they now have). So, yes, it was probably available for less than $35.99 at some point, but is unlikely to be much cheaper than that moving forward.


I haven't seen one lower than that price in a couple of years. I use to get them for $20 so I got a bunch years ago. I'm still Live till July 2013.

$35 is a sweet price. Just over half price.


I do remember the 24 month deals when it would be around$60. But that was quite a commitment to be on Xbox Live.


I think I've seen it dip to around 30 once or twice, but not often. It's definitely not a terrible price though, considering the list.


Haven't seen it go lower than $35.99 since the suggested retail price was upped to $60 about a year ago.


Yeah.. it used to go on sale for $29 regularly @

Got 2 years awhile back.. still riding it :)

It did go even lower than that too.. I think like $22.. that was uncommon though.

But since the "$60 MSRP" it hasn't (that I've seen). Apparently $35 is the new $29 :D

vote-for1vote-against has them at $34.99 as of today, 1/23/13. They have them at that price several times a year. Since they don't have an expiration date, you can get several and load them all at the same time.

If you watch carefully at the final screen, where it shows your total including shipping- change the shipping to the 5-8 day and you will also get free shipping.


Ebays is often the place where you'll find the cheapest deals, that said, I have gotten a code in the past that didn't work. Since then I'd stuck to these guys, they have a pretty big online shop and following in Te Netherlands. I have bought their 26-month deal and still have about 5 more months of the subscription left.

The codes arrived instantly and directly to my email, no hassle at all.... it comes to 3.48 euro a month so I'm quite happy with the price since the codes work :)