questionsso how exactly does deals.woot make money?


Sponsored deals. Referrals to their own Woot sites. Probably some affiliate programs with other sites.


@tsfisch: "some" as in, just about every user-posted deal has its link automatically reconstructed with woot's affiliate account information (mostly CJ)


Plus, of course, the standard advertisements on the side, which is how 99% of websites are able to stay alive.


I discovered the site that tracks deals.woot referrals and posted that one time before and my post got deleted. It's almost like Woot was trying to keep it secret so I'm not going to mention that actual site that does the tracking.

Anyway, the links go to a specific website before it goes to the link that you post (automatic redirects). That website is an affiliate tracking site that will give Woot credit for purchases made by you after you visited the site from the link created. Not all sites are part of the program so they do not get paid for all links but they do get paid for some.

Also, they get paid for the 5 sponsored links at the top of the page unless it's a woot owned deal like Moofi.


@zyxomma100: That's what I was going to say. This morning I went to Snopes to get a link to debunk something someone at work sent me, and I noticed all the overblown and ridiculous ads on their site. One was in the middle of a page I was reading and I thought it was an example of what they were debunking, but it turned out to be an ad. I thought it was a silly place for those folks to advertise, since the site is specifically aimed at people who are skeptical of what they read online. It would seem like Snopes would attract more conservative advertisers.


@zyxomma100 and @moondrake: I never see any advertisements on woot. I use Adblock Plus and it does a good job of stripping those out on all sites. I didn't even know there were ads displayed until you said so.


@cengland0: I don't mind them. They are keyed to the topics on the page so a few times there have been useful ads related to the subjects being discussed. Other times they can be funny, like when we are talking about something being a bad product, and the product has an ad right there beside the discussion. It reminds me of once when I was a kid and I was watching the original Poseidon Adventure. At the scene where the ship rolls over, right when the piano falls into the lighting fixture on the ceiling, the TV cut to a commercial for a cruise line. Worst ad placement I'd ever seen. But now with virtual robots doing the ad placement based on key words you see really dumb ad placements all the time.


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