questionsanyone have experience with a pogoplug?


I have one. It's great for accessing your files in your home, and somewhat away from home, but definitely not perfect.
For instance, if you're trying to use it as a media server, many programs (iTunes comes to mind first) won't recognize your tracks and import them. However, if you have a PS3, it's a pretty sweet combo, I stream movies and music to mine all the time. I'm not sure about compatibility of other systems.
If you're just dealing with data though, it's nearly perfect. It comes with a program that will make it show up as a hard drive on your computer if you set it up.
One of the things that I think is coolest is that you can create a link to a file so that a friend can download it from you - kind of like dropbox, but within your own cloud.

I will say their support forums are trash though. They used to have a good forum, but it got wiped and replaced.

EDIT: Mine was a HUGE pain to set up (I believe it was faulty) and I work in IT. I doubt it's a common problem though.


I bought the unlimited cloud storage plan from them and I am sorry. My intention was to use it as a backup for the 6 TB of photo files that I have.

They require you to install their buggy software in order to setup a cloud drive. The backup stops in mid- stream and doesn't restart.

I also tried to directly copy my files to their cloud. They must have a daily copy limit (like carbonite and so many other cloud based services) because the copy hangs up after 40mb of files are copied. I have 6 terabytes of files to backup, so this limit isn't acceptable to me.

BTW, I have a T1 upload speed internet connection and when files do copy they only run at 56K modem speeds.

In conclusion, I don't think this service is worth the money. And as the other comment indicated, I too work in Information Technology.


The service is completely different than the hardware though - in my mind they aren't even connected to each other. I still think the hardware is relatively solid.