questionsi had a deal for krispy kreme it was deleted and…


@loosecannon67: It seems to be a recurring problem, as to how much time can pass before a deal can be reposted, is there a "formal" time frame? for future reference?


@meems212: We try to keep it clean and up to date on time difference between re-posted events. For the time being, if the deal isn't expired and still has the same URL,date, ect then the deal is still live and can't be re-posted. If you see one that has been spaced out by months and still has the same site information you can try making it a deal and qualifying its relevance but if its tattled on and viewed as a duplicate then it will be removed.

"Duplicate = same item + same price + same store + same event.
Duplicates will be deleted." - Jumbowoot.


@loosecannon67: Thank you for replying, sorry for the fustration I'm sure is showing.


@meems212: I've had one or two deals do the same... frustration is natural. As long as you don't go all caps locks kung-fu you'll be fine. Anytime you(or other users) think a deal was unjustly removed, please, ask and we will do our best to lend some help.


@loosecannon67: The benefit of that system would be greatly increased if there was a complimenting system to expire old deals that are no longer valid. So if I search for a deal, I don't have to try 5 just to see that they are all expired. It's actually more handy to see a recent repost.

But I digress :)


@loosecannon67: lol, I don't know Kung Fu, but I know kra-azy, lol


I had a similar situation happen a while back. The re-post of my deal got more votes than I'd ever gotten on one, so it stung. But it's such a wild wild west atmosphere with deals anymore that I don't pay too much attention to them.


@moondrake: lol, it does seem like the wild west at times, yet when I due diligence and use the search for deal and it doesn't come up, I find out afterwards mine is a dupe. Ahh well se la vie


I try to search to see if anything pops up. But I've gotten nailed on a couple duplicates from postings a couple months old. You would think though after that time frame that maybe a new posting to show it's still a deal wouldn't be that bad. But the original poster tattled me, lol.