questionsis this a fake company (am i getting screwed)?


Here's a tracking number for fun:

It's not my tracking number, it's just a random person :)

(The last few digits are interchangeable! Try switching them around - you may find somebody you know!)


This seems like the type of service one would use to buy drugs. I don't want to know if you tried to under-cut your dealer

@drchops: BTW, nice ENGRISH FIND


@capguncowboy: lol there's Engrish up the wazoo...ever my conversations with them are Engrish filled - unlike a lot of drop shipping companies, this one has no US base. ALL Chinese. This makes their comments to me pretty interesting - same goes for their interpretations of my comments
(Thanks Google Translator! least, that's my guess)

It was funny, I ordered this stuff awhile about a week ago and today I said "What's wrong, why hasn't it shipped" and I got a message back not to long after saying they'd ship it out today - then this lol


@drchops: I found shipping info for people in Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Uruguay, Singapore, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and the good ol' US of A.

eta: I have the Flagfox add-on installed on Firefox. Interestingly, the server location for this company is in the US, although the registration is Chinese (according to whois). Also, when using the tracking numbers HBM111011LPZ000###, there is nothing from before October 11.


@msklzannie: Did you check out any of the site (besides tracking)? Or try to interact with anything for that matter? lol..

Also, Oct-10

The best conclusion I can come to is; it's a place to send customers to make them feel like they're "tracking a package" while it's floating around aimlessly between here and China.

It's like the Chinese-tracking version of Mailinator :)

Oh...another slightly suspicious thing, I ordered a few things (within a couple minutes) in different orders - the first item was sent SingPost heh


Hah! I read the bottom of the page and found this: Member of group.

For some reason I read chukou1 as: F%#k O' You. In a sing song voice. In my head. Okkkkkkk.....time for bed, I am clearly exhausted from the Woot-off lol.


To take the side of the shipper (not that I agree with it taking a long time) I ordered something from China knowing it would take a few weeks. 5 weeks later I remembered I had ordered it and not received it at work. That same day it was at my house. IT TOOK 5 WEEKS!

So maybe you were not scammed even if the Engrish is bad, the website worse and they are a member of the Chuk Ou group.

My point is I would wait it out. How bad would you feel if you received the item and were refunded the money after all? Check how long the protection is for the method of payment and DO NOT GO PAST THAT DATE. Gather any information you can for the order. In the end the Credit Card will Chuk Em if they tried to Chuk Ou.


It gets worse...if you check out that ChukOu group page it says "Copyrights@BFE Corporation2003-2011".

And we all know where BFE is...


@drchops: Yeah, I saw that hardly any of the links worked.


@msklzannie: I think all of the links worked, they just all linked to heh

Not sure if you noticed the titles for any of the links, but a couple of 'em were "Started" and "Wrapper"


@drchops: True, true. Even the FAQ did that. What I meant was that they didn't lead anywhere.


For those interested, I have an update: My package now appears to be time travelling.

At this point, the package slips back in time.
·Sent to HK AMC mail center on 2011-10-13 22:54:22.(GZ)
·Processing in warehouse on 2011-10-13 22:55.(GZ)
·Order confirmed on 2011-10-13 22:54.(GZ)
·Order received on 2011-10-13 09:24.(GZ)


@njcapplebear: That's all you had to say.. I'll tattle the comment and have it removed. Problem solved.

[ed] Some observant mod beat me to it.. thanks.


well now I'm dealing with ec-first valid tracking #..wondering will I ever will get my nervous and canceled my cc


@sxampbell: it um... got here, eventually. Although there was never any actual tracking info and it took ~1month heh.. and the product was:
1.) Not what I ordered
2.) A knock off
3.) Not what was advertised
4.) + more cool stuff.

Customer service was: Bad. lol


@drchops: I having the same problems with ec-firstclass too. I aslo bought sth from china and they ship through ec.firstclass. i cannot check the update status. this item still sent to hk center. But my one question to you, if really you got your item through ec-firstclass after month or in a month? Please let me know, if not so i will apply my item Refund.


This is a method that shippers can use that may involve more than one carrier (to save a few pennies) when they don't care how long you wait for a package. It allows the package to be handled (sometimes) by multiple carriers. For example the USPS and UPS or FEDEX and sometimes other carriers. It may start out with the postal service and end up being delivered by UPS. Not sure how they sort out the payment, but it often delays the delivery of a package all just to save a few cents.


Have you received your orders now ? I'm sure of never having mine...


I'm new to this ec-first class thing. But, I will say.....I've recently ordered an ebay item from a china dealer (but the item was located in the US) and thought the exact same thing when the tracking number was un responsive. A few days later when I copied and pasted the number (NOT THE BLUE HYPERLINK) I dont know if that makes a difference. Lo and behold THE PACKAGE IS ON IT'S WAY even with up to date weather conditions for the city its in. It's currently in Little Rock, AR that IS INDEED HAVING ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS right now, just as the website showed. I think the problem is there is a big delay in the updating of the site but It is working for me nontheless. My advice wait it out and dont click or copy/paste the hyperlink just type in the tracking number. Hope this helps you out. Have a blessed day.


I have ordered something on ebay it states that it in Portsmouth and got 2 tracking numbers, one for this site and one what works on royal mail. but what it says is
'Please come back later

We have been notified that your item is being shipped by the retailer; the next scan will appear when we receive this item.'

I noticed that none of the links on page work unless you know the url then you can get there.

But Will have to see what happens.


@bravotango101: I've ordered something from eBay that also said it was from Portsmouth and then I got this tracking info....just wondered how long it took to receive this package/ did you receive at all? Thanks :)


@amyhuts: If I remember right, it did indeed show up.. It took awhile and ended up the whole process ended up being a hassle.. As long as you didn't order anything name brand or very expensive don't worry about it.

If you ordered something name brand on the other hand, there's a 99% chance it'll be counterfeit (+1% margin for error). (Worst case scenario you'll have to take a minute to file a PayPal/Chargeback, but)
Just be sure you check whatever it is out well and scrutinize the quality.

Other than that though, don't worry about it.. it'll probably take a few weeks, but you should be fine.


@drchops: Thanks for your reply! :) We bought some dresses for fancy dress that said they were from Portsmouth and would be shipped first class. The lady said they would arrive within the week and when I got giving this tracking info I realised that wasn't true! Haha definitely from China but never mind, you live and learn!

vote-for0vote-against ec-firstclass seems to work for CUE151115NE70000xx tracking numbers. Once it clears customs, it may be turned over to Fed X or usps with a different tracking number which, as previously stated, the link does not work. The number is a valid tracking number but to copy it you must right click on the number and choose inspect element. then you can copy the number and use it in or
I have had more than 3 packages delivered with no problem by using this method.