questionswhy is one of my deals removed?


Please submit a link to the deal in question and we'll review it for you.



Why do they have a deals.woot logo on the bottom of their page?


@tygerdave: I was wondering the same thing. Free advertising, Although I think using the woot logo with out permission could be an issue if they haven't asked. Is there a put woot on your website widgety thing?



Ok. I really can't see the deal there.
Sign up for 3% off and get nothing.
Surely I missed something.


@jumbowoot: If I could vote, I'd vote for your comment. Why, it even makes me feel like singing.

Ohhhh, I've got plenty of nuthin', nuthin's plenty for me.



And where is all the "stuff"/mystery item we signed up for?? Not that I'm balking about not getting a free item; but this is pretty shoddy customer service to prove the viability of a new website. 15 day or so w/ no communication.

I'd like to see a filter somewhere in WOOT that prevents the posting of any deals from specific domain names. Whatdya think?? If there's already a script to check for duplicate deals, I can't see that adding in a "banned" domain name checker would be COMPLETELY out of the question.


WHOAH! I got my whole 5% discount finally approved off of the FIRST "[GOD1] Grand Opening Deal - Free to the first 100 people!(Free (one per customer))" of July 19.

I think I'll skip any future opportunity. 100 orders and it took THIS long to "flip a switch"? I'd hate to see how long it takes to actually ship a real product.


The discounts just got added because the website is now live with new deals.
Also, the deal is much better than you are is 5% off any and every order for life with That could be hundreds or thousands of dollars savings over time! Not to mention the fact that the items are already discounted!

Please check your spam folders, I know I found a few missed emails in there. =)