questionswhat's the best deal you ever got at a dollar…


mesh back supports for work and home... has reduced the amount of back pain I have to suffer through


6ft USB cable extenders. I wish I would have bought more. It was years ago, not the great find as it once was but for the time it was amazing. I ended up giving most of them away.


I lost 5 lbs in two days for $1.00!

It was the quickest weight loss program around, except it wasn't a diet program.

The great deal I scored on those bargain pasta mixes turned out to be less than a great deal after getting sick after just one serving. I checked the packaging and found it was almost 6 months past the expiration date. I then checked the other nine packages I bought and one of those were also expired.

Lesson learned........always check expiration dates on ALL food items from any retailer.

I was able to return the unused packages and trade for TP, as the stockpile was low after the experience!


One of those sponge-like things that is treated with oil for touching up your shoe polish. Cost $1.08 (with tax) about 10 years ago and I still use it about once a week (I wear black sneakers most of the time if I'm not wearing flip flops or barefoot).


Bags of army men. Just sayin' that it always makes people smile when they see a random green army man hangin' around in the library, at work etc.


Star Wars glow in the dark puzzle! Also Avengers candy. Man I'm a nerd. Haha.


back when Deals existed (not deals.woot) i use to go there just to see what i could find. the mgr and i are still friends--he use to order just for me. i would get bags of gas station capacino mix (store size) and the seven-eleven reuse mugs and all sorts of stuff that was easily 10 bucks elsewhere for a dollar. they would play a commercial on their music saying "there's a reason why there is a dollar in those other store's name. here it's Deal's because it's a deal." they eventual thru a series of buyout have been acquired by dollar tree and are gone for the most part.


@107bear: Yikes! Legally, stores aren't supposed to sell anything past the expiration date, but they CAN sell stuff labeled "best by." "Best by" just implies that the food might be stale or otherwise untasty. Expired means it will kill you.

Sorry you got sick. . . I've probably found more expired food on the grocery store shelves than I have at Jack's $.99.


@curli76: It was a restock problem, a couple of expired ones had gotten mixed in with the new stock that someone forgot to pull.

It could have been worse, but I let it go, as it just affected me. They did give me a couple of 25% off coupons. One of which I bought a 10 lb bag of M&Ms and quickly gained the 5 lbs back!


I buy all of my audio-video cables at dollar stores - they work just as well as the $30 ones and are just a buck!


I bought these simplistic, heavy glass steins at my store. There were bunches. I couldn't pass em up haha... holds 2 beers!