questionswhy do i keep getting the wrong order?why can't…


I don't know, but you should definitely contact the vendor from whom you bought whatever it is about which you are writing. It is evident from the white boxes under your username that you have not purchased anything from woot. Good luck with your consumer issues.


Just in case you've mised this (and I have a feeling you did):
What is deals.woot?

You’ve stumbled on a pretty awesome place. Deals.woot is a community of people, dedicated to saving each other money by posting some great deals. Those deals are voted on by the community, and the members here will chime in on the deals to share their experiences and help you make an educated decision. It should be noted that the deals you see here are not endorsed or fulfilled by the woot staff, so user feedback and your own research should be utilized to make an educated decision before making any purchases. does NOT sell anything. It is merely a place where everyday deal hunters post links to great deals they have found elsewhere on the internet.

PLEASE contact the vendor from which you have made your purchase to resolve any issues. When you made your purchase, you were likely sent an email confirmation with vendor contact information. Use it for this express purpose.


I think you pissed someone off.