questionswhat is a good 47-55" tv for gaming and under…


Funny you posted that, its the one I bought, but from Wal-Mart. Love it, already played a HD Movie from Amazon VOD, Netflix, played some Black Ops in 1080p, love it.

I found out afterwards I could have bought it from Amazon for $899 + Free Shipping and 30 Day Return. Would have saved $150 bucks (50 in taxes), but oh well. Definitely glad I got a smaller end TV as its in my Dorm room and I play video games about 4 feet away.


Sony Bravia 55" 120hz. You can usually find them on sale at Sam's.


Well I have this one its a 47" LCD LG 1080P 120hz for $699

I have my computer hooked up to it plus my PS3 and xbox 360. The bluray looks amazing on it and so does all of my games. I have been playing Call of Duty lately and I love that I can see everything that is going on and it is beautiful.

If you are looking for a larger tv my parents own this one.
It is a Toshiba 55" 1080p 120Hz LCD for 1,184 and it is also great with games.