questionsdid you get an email saying your shoprunner…


wow...i haven't gotten one but I hope i do...i use mine to domino's pizza delivered free and for it comes in handy. i hope they add more stores.


mine was free too, signed up 13 months ago, never got an email, but my account is still active (used it for dominos last night) so they must have extended it


I did.

I find it amazing how they are giving this away for free.


I imagine it's something like magazine/newspaper subscriptions where having a larger subscriber base to sell to advertisers/merchants outweighs the cost of giving memberships away for free. In other words, they lose money on every sale, but they make it up in volume. :-)


I saw this before and was going to say no but I just got the email. I did get the original account for free and a few months ago they sent an email stating that they would extend it for free through today. Now this! Woo!


I got the email too. Considering I used it 2-3 times last year, I suspect I'm more useful to Shoprunner to keep up their subscriber counts than as an actual user of the service.


This is interesting because so far I have not received any email extending my shoprunner membership (I already signed up for another year using a different email addy, so I'm good). But, I bet that must be because I actually ended up using shopprunner about 10-12 times over the year, including a couple of Christmas gifts most recently. I probably fall on the other side of the line and it's too expensive to keep me.


@90mcg112: I'm thinking you are right. I've referred a couple of people to them.


@mistamoose: I suspect that too.. an inflated "customer base" will probably help them in finding more retailers to partner with.

I however am very grateful that they are doing this. I used it only three times last year, but you can't beat free 2-day shipping.