questionswho wants to join me in thanking the woot staff?


Yes... they've somehow fixed everything and I now realize my inability to obtain a BOC was just incompetence

Thanks guys!


I say give the IT guys an extra 3-day weekend. and the customer service reps (the forum moderators mainly) get two extra three-day weekends.

Paid days off of course


I got my bag of crap on the the 3rd round.

I'm very happy.

Thanks Woot!


The Woot! staff really is fantastic. Would like to thank them again for actually taking suggestions (BOC system) to heart. While some people may be disgruntled, I really believe that it brought some "randomness" back to the system!!


I've enjoyed the random BOCs. It's made it more interesting. I got mine early on, but even so I've tried every other time, like a Pavlovian dog, even knowing I can't get another.

But, I agree... if anyone say "worst Woot Off ever" to this one, then they just weren't paying attention.


I like it.
Sneaky boc back-doored my account when I wasn't looking.


Got my first BOC! So excited. Also, everything just seems to be more fun this time around, even before the BOC hit. Thanks Staff


These guys thanks you, too!


I've finally got one too, Thank ye, thank ye, all ye who are Wise Woot! Gods


although i'm sad so far I've not been fast enough to get one, I'm happy that BOCs are no longer guaranteed to occur during my commute home :-p at least today I've had 3 tries out of 4 separate offerings to fail LOL

its the hunt that's fun anyways!


Despite all the kvetching, we all really appreciate everything the entire woot staff does. Thanks for making this a place I spend (way too much of) my time. :)


Yes, I am enjoying this woot-off much much more than the last few.

I've purchased two full cases of good wine, another BoC and I think something else I'm not remembering right now.

My sincere thanks to all of you guys at woot!

This is definitely the Worst. Woot-Off. Ever!


I shouldn't have went out for lunch... but I managed to add the BOC on my cart but kept getting denied in the end. :/

There's always next time I guess!


Sorry, but I cannot agree.

First of all, the woot-offs have been horrible these last several months, ever since Amazon purchased Woot, the quality and pricing has gone from bad to worse. When I first found out about Woot in 2008, it was AWESOME. Now, it's average garbage at basically the same price I can find it online at several other places.

Secondly, the B0C fiasco is a joke. They way they are offered gives an unfair advantage to people that use bots and other tricks. Worst of all, IT'S EASILY FIXED. If woot cared at all about it's customers, they would change the way the B0C is offered, so real people have a fighting chance. Fix #1: Embed a hidden link word in a regular ad
Fix #2: Make it a multiple page seek and find
Fix #3: Make it so you have to enter some really long captcha before you purchase it
Fix #4: put the B0C on wine.woot or kids.woot

Any of these things can be done EASILY...making it fair for everyone. But Woot fails big time.


@wootmeharder: Y'know, I think a lot of people overestimate the number of Wooters that use bots to get BOC. I have a feeling it's much, much smaller than you'd expect.

Most people who get them probably use some kind of Woot! tracker, but other than that I think it's just about persistence and a lot of F5.


@wootmeharder: I've never used a bot, not sure if I would recognize one if it bit me on the arse. I have been trying for a very long time, and each time I failed to get one, I laughed and said eh, next time.


@meems212: My point COULD be MUCH MORE FAIR to EVERYONE with a SIMPLE fix that would make it not only more fun but more competitive for everyone. But Amazowoot refuses to change their crappy way of doing business. They just keep throwing it out there, letting the bots win and crashing their servers. I guess I just hate stupid things that are easily fixed, but aren't.

You fanboys can downvote me all you like, but those of us who have been here for more than a year remember how cool Woot USED to be.


Thank you to the staff, and all of the little monkeys. For helping me grab my first bag!


@wootmeharder: Have you ever had to write code for a web site? It isn't as easy as it would seem.


@wootmeharder: I asked who wants to join me, not who wants complain. There are enough threads here for that. I think you can tell by the response to your answer that it was uncalled for in this thread. And yes, I have been here a few years longer.


@sadsephiroth: Oh, noes! You cursed yourself. Your join date is now today! Woe is me, the fearsome sync curse has struck again.

In other news, thank you very much to whomever on staff just cleaned up the Questions. Big kiss. Mmmhwah!


@sadsephiroth: So you can honestly say that Woot is just as good over the past year than it was in the past? You can honestly say that the items are just as unique and the prices are just as good as they used to be? You and I both know that is NOT the case. Anything on Woot now can be found online for the same price or less. That was NOT the original business model.

It's sad that Woot does not care enough about it's customers to make a couple simple changes to make the B0C fair for everyone. But what should I expect from a corporate mentality like Amazon. They will just ride the Woot name for a few more years till everyone gets as tired of the same internet items at the same internet prices as I am. Sad.


@sadsephiroth: Sorry, but when you open a thread you don't get to pick and choose who says what on it.

I loathe the multi-BOC concept, and I'm really sick of servers (or whatever) that can't handle the traffic.


@wootmeharder: If you don't like it, leave. No one is forcing you to be here. Go on any of the other sites. The truth is you didn't get crap and you are pissy about it. Get over it and grow up. Things change, things cannot stay the same over time it's a simple fact. "Change or Die" - MoneyBall. You have had ample chances to get a boc from a different way, including this Christmas.


@falcondeal: Thanks for making my point. "change or die"

Woot will be dead in 3-4 years with it's current daily offerings being neither unique nor any cheaper than other places online.

The same fanboys that downvote me will eventually realize that Woot offers nothing special anymore, and will move on.

It's a simple fact.


Thank them for doing their jobs? Eh...


I'll add a Thank You! Thanks for making the effort to mix things up and make it more fun and unique--and listening to us at all, really. Thanks for doing this despite our seemingly constant complaints about any and all changes no matter what. I'm far from the biggest wooter, but I relly appreciate seeing that comments are noticed and a willingness to try different things!

Thanks!! :)


I'll just leave here...

And then take it back because I didn't get a BOC


In retrospect, I'm actually slightly surprised Random Crap showed up in this Woot-off. With the April Fools Crap (presumably) coming up soon, that's a whole lot of crap for Woot to ship out.

Hopefully the "quality" won't suffer.


@jose07: Yes. Thanking people - even for just doing their jobs - is considered polite.




I got an e-mail confirmation for a BOC! Thank you Woot staff! Be kind to my bag please. :]


I didn't go for the B.O.C. this time around, but I got some awesome deals on home.woot!

Many thanks for the coupons last month that went toward my purchases at home.woot today. Thanks so much woot! <3


No BOC for me but I just picked up my first monkey :)



I have to give them some Kudos for fixing the front-end. Stuff wasn't super stable, but you could get a lot farther than on normal BOCs.

The back end, where it processes and confirms your order still needs some work though. A lot of denied orders and "invalid code" issues. But still, very nice to see we're making progress, and ultimatly the denied order thing actually kind of worked out nicely, as people that kept at it got them in the end instead of just the first people to hit the server.


@wootmeharder: I've certainly been here more than a year. Quite a bit longer than you, in fact. This is more like the old Woot. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'll be sticking around for a long time. At the very least, you should admit they're working to make it better instead of just bad-mouthing them.


No BoC here, but glad Woot got back on track selling me crap I don't need but always love.



Great woot off! Love the random bocs. The fun is back.


Thanks for making a site where deal-crazed penny-pinchers like us can have fun while we scrounge.


While I agree the items were not exactly unique (repeats from earlier Woots), I liked the randomness of the BOC appearing. And there were even some items that I had never seen before.


Thank you, Woot! staff.

As to the discussion on how "easy" it is for Woot! to fix the BoC sale, well, not so fast.

Case in point: a hacker conference that I attend, Shmoocon, has way more demand for tickets than what they want to sell. They sell 1,000 tickets per year and could easily sell 5 times that. They offer the tickets in batches: 500 on November 1st, 300 December 1st, then the remainder January 1st. The sales go live at noon.

The people setting up the ticketing system are smart, tech-savvy people who are using a cluster of multiple servers to handle the load. They haven't gotten this - which is probably 1% of the BoC load AT MOST - to work correctly yet.

It sounds so simple. Click, fill in a CAPTCHA, then you've got a reservation. Those with get placed into a queue where the tickets are doled out. They then have a day to pay. Pretty much what's being suggested here. The results: FAIL. Multiple times.

Fixing the BoC isn't easy or Woot! would have done it.


@wootmeharder: It's not always about the uniqueness. Case in point, Zappos, which I know is another independent subsidiary of Amazon. They offer nothing new at essentially mall prices. I purchase almost all of my clothes there even though I can find them for much cheaper elsewhere. Why? Because I know if it exists I will most likely find it there. I also love their customer service. Obviously Woot doesn't have as liberal of a return policy as Zappos, but at least Woot seems to have customer service that actually read what you write instead of sending canned responses (I'm looking at you Amazon and Walmart!)


Plain and simple.... Thanks!!


Remember, we went from a pad pen thing to server maintenance to a woot-off where you didn't experience page load issues on the BOC, AND all the rest of woot kept working in the meantime. I'd say something was improved on the technical end of things.


Aren't you thanking them with your dollars?


I'ts amazing how happy the customers become when you listen to them eh ?


Wootoff that worked, monkeys, and randoms at shirt woot. 'Tis been a good week.