questionshas there been a boc since about 1pm edt?


for future reference, just go to woot, then click the communities link at the top to see what's been up for sale. :)


Don't you mean am not pm?


@jsoko: [grin] Nope. I was able to keep an eye on the woot-off from about 7am till 1pm, including the horrific tale of the crashing of the non-serving servers.


@drsilentg: Thank you kindly for the quick response and the helpful link!


right now there is one...

I'm still not talented enough to make the servers load though... apparently that takes real magic


I'm prescient.

And the servers seem to be going down, even as I type this.


"Thou shalt probably expect not to even get a Bag o’ Crap at all. We only have enough for about 10% of the people who want them. Thou art probably in that other 90%."


@xdavex: Yep, that's me, all right. Sold out before I could get to the bought-one page.



@magic cave: I got to the buy one page... then loaded up to my account page where you click submit. I clicked submit and it loaded for ages... then said 503 error. So I went back and continued trying but never got it to load anything else. I've heard others have gotten one before like that but it's not showing in my email, no payment showing on my card, and nothing from the server yet showing it in my purchase history.

I. hate. the. BOC


I didn't think I got one either. I have no email. I got to the submit page and clicked the button and then after a long time got an error message. HOWEVER, it shows that I have one in my account. So, everyone check your account--if you can get into it. It took me along time to get into my account.

edit: I now have an email confirmation.



Perhaps what they mean when they say they "fixed the servers" is that a 503 error now means "no BoC for you!" rather than "maybe you got one, maybe you didn't; come back later to find out."

(Having gotten three or four BoC from 503 errors, I've gotten ABSOLUTELY nothing the last two woot-off's... and I stayed at my keyboard hitting F5 from 2AM until well after 5AM this morning... fraking moron that I am.)


@baqui63: Not "fraking moron." Persistent wooter. Right?


@barnabee: Why, you son of a....never mind. Congrats! (Or not...we'll wait for the contents).


@magic cave:

If I had gotten a BoC, I wouldn't argue. Without one, and with a $45 parking ticket for not moving my car early enough (due to oversleeping) makes fraking moron a closer approximation, I fear. :(