questionswhy do appliances all break at one time ?


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Also add to list :
The faucet in the kitchen sink needs replaced and most likely the main shut off valve into the house. That will not be cheap.
Need to grab a new shower sprayer too. I know I am leaving things out. What next ?

Just wondering how many others have so much go all at same time?

PS Anyone else have a Speed Queen ? I'm only a little nervous, cause I would of gotten a slightly different model, but it would of taken a week longer and didn't want to wait. ( Has auto second rinse instead I have to do it manually if needed ), and some extra fabric cycle options, which I never use anyways, but always think I will.


I agree, it seems to happen that way. A couple of months ago my dishwasher quit working, I finally decided to replace it last month. My cousin & uncle installed and when finished my cousin's wife said of the microwave sitting on the counter above it "now you need a new microwave to match the rest of your appliances". My reaction was no! - it's 16 years old, I really like my microwave. A week later the microwave died in the middle of using it. Then two weeks ago a valve on one of the toilets started leaking (thank goodness for leak frogs). Nothing likes to break alone!


@lmensor: I'm probably the only person on woot w/o leak frogs. I think w/ my luck I better get some next time they are up.
Glad you had them to avoid a much worse problem !

I got a new dishwasher a couple months ago too. forgot about that.

I think your SIL spoke too loudly in front of your micro ! =P


Last year I had to replace my washer, dryer, and refrigerator. The year before I replaced the dishwasher, stove, and microwave. Plus I had to redo my plumbing in one bathroom. This year we are having electrical problems. I have had several electricians out, but they can not find a hidden GFCI (or whatever it is called) plug that should have been in the guest bathroom but isn't. They know it is somewhere but not exactly where.

I feel your pain, and agree with your tag.


It's not appliances, but yesterday I went home at lunch to feed my dog. I had to stop at the bank on the way, so I had just enough time to watch a half hour sitcom while I ate. I started with Netflix on my smart blu-ray player, it wouldn't load and wouldn't load and finally told me I'd been disconnected and needed to enter my password. I laboriously spelled out my email address and password twice on the remote control and it rejected it both times (later I remembered I'd used my secondary email address). Giving up on that I booted the computer hooked into my entertainment system so I could stream something. I think the hard drive is failing, it wouldn't boot. In desperation I got out my worn out tablet to play a game in the few minutes I had remaining. Although it took forever to boot and load my game, it did let me get a couple more levels along in PvZ2 before I had to head back to work. And all of this with a migraine to make it extra fun.


@pyxientx: They took my tag away. I hate when that happens.


Ouch. My sympathies. Literally, because the same thing is happening here too! As for why, well, in my case I figure it's because the appliances are all about the same age. As I understanding, much of modern appliance engineering is about giving things consistent lifetimes. For reference, think light bulbs, designed to burn out as close to the rated lifetime as possible. Building for consistent lifetimes isn't evil, since it helps keep costs low... but it can be annoying regardless.