questionshas anyone here ever dealt with


personally, I probably wouldn't order from them. how much are you finding this part for everywhere else? let's say it's normally $150 at most other places and this place lists it for $70. that's a pretty big red flag in my opinion.


@carl669: I used to like too until I discovered that companies pay them to be a member. Then, those companies can have bad reviews removed for various reasons.

Here are some other reviews from other sites:

And my favorite yelp:


Woot does not link directly to the URL's you put into the comments. Because it goes to a woot server first, it does some weird things with your links before redirecting you there. The Yelp one that I posted does not work. You will need to copy and paste the URL for it to work.

The Yelp reviews all have 1 out of 5 stars.


Thanks guys...I was hoping someone would say "Oh yeah, nothing but good experiences with these folks. Highly recommended."

On my way over to ebay for the refurb....