questionshow do i sell something on woot?


Put up a website offering a free sample with a place for people to input their address,
then hit the add a deal button on Deals.woot and link to your webpage. Practice by sending a big bottle to: Art @ Po box 949 Forest Falls Ca 92339-0949


You could try to send an email to
(I think that's right. Someone help me out. @Thunderthighs! @Inkycatz!)

You could also try to use the page.
Somehow or other, that page links you to purchasing and the warehouse.
It looks like Voo-Doo, so I'm not sure what you'll get when you talk to them.


Some of us are really lazy customers who would much prefer being able to purchase products directly online via a website rather than having to email or telephone a company.

Have you considered making this possible, as well as updating the website with a current list of individual products & descriptions? Seeing a website that only shows products from 2008 makes me leery of doing business with any company. ( If a link to new products is there, then I am a fool who can't negotiate your site in a competent manner, & believe me, there are a LOT of us incompetents out there.)


Start out small. As was suggested, if you want to offer samples, toss up a form on your web site. Sponsor a deal. If that goes well, and you gain a good reputation, then perhaps Woot will make a deal for a few hundred bottles.


@lavikinga: It seems you can in fact order items directly from their website... its just buried all the way in the middle of the "Services" page.

I would suggest that whoever maintains the business website devote an entire page just to the products along with the PayPal purchase links... that would make it whole a lot easier to navigate.


@jyoz22: Thanks! I did visit the services page, but I somehow missed it.

Edit--I missed it because I'm on a micro laptop these days and failed to scroll further down the page past the wall of text. See? Lazy shopper.