questionswhat is your favorite game to play at a picnic?


It's called "eat as quickly as possible before everyone takes the good food".

That and cornhole. Wait a minute, not that type of cornhole. The one where you throw a bean or corn bag into a hole made in a sloped piece of wood.


I like to kick a soccer ball around.


@curtisuxor: The first time I heard a beanbag game referred to as cornhole, I almost sprayed Mt. Dew out my nose. (Several years ago, a guy at work who married his step-sister said that he had played cornhole with his family over the weekend.)


@jsimsace: Lawn darts when they were still so deadly. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission banned them in the late 80s. I don't know what they replaced them with, but I'm sure it is some super safe that makes people feel all warm and cozy.


Jarts!! But, when those aren't handy, I like horseshoes or cornhole.


@jha1223: They were replaced by jarts. Nowhere near as fun, but safer. :(