questionshave you heard about amazon's new (bs) "add-on…


Looks to me like it is Amazon selling individual stuff that they used to only sell in bulk, they catch is that you have to spend at least $25 to be able to purchase the item at all. I agree though, should ship free with prime regardless of $25 minimum.


@mkentosh: I'm not surprised; I'm just not happy about it. The point of Prime [i]was[/i] free 2-day shipping without a minimum. I understand Prime now has video streaming vs. Netflix and such, but I have Prime solely for the shipping. If some things aren't being shipped without a minimum**, then what's the point.

**: the list isn't very extensive right now, but maybe they'll decide any item under $X doesn't work for Prime or perhaps the list becomes quiet expansive. Of course, we have no idea what is going to happen, but it seems like it's heading in that direction.


Yeah, I think this explains it further:

"Add-on Items are products of all different sorts at a low price point, from a jar of paprika to a single light bulb. Previously it was only possible for us to offer items like these in large multi-pack sizes (which for many families would have been too much paprika)."

I think it's understandable that offering Prime free shipping benefits when shipping a billion orders of tiny things would be cost-prohibitive and also probably pretty wasteful. I mean, of course we never want to pay for stuff if we can avoid it... but I think in this particular instance, it makes sense to me. I do appreciate being able to order more single-item things... for example, there have been food items I've wanted but been unable to find locally, but could only order in bulk online. I think this is a reasonable solution.


I think it's a very slippery slope. For now, it looks like they are offering smaller quantities of items they used to sell in bulk, but I can see them expanding it to include anything that isn't worth it to them to ship alone. . . I love sending those little $1.00 Dover Little Activity Books. . . if those were to become "add ons" I wouldn't buy them anymore.


Amazon is trying to make it not seem as bad by saying they added smaller cheaper items which they infact did but ,in exchange for making already cheaper prime eligble items only eligble if added as an addon product.

Alot of disposable items and other cheap consumable items that I order multiple times a month on their own with free 2 day shipping are all add on items now.

If you also look at price charts for some of the items added to the add on program that were already eligible for prime on its own are now actually a little more expensive now, when they say it will bring down prices, which probably is true on some items.

I used to use free super saving before Prime and now with this 25 minimum there is no point for me to continue with Prime but I understand is different for others.

It all comes down if you use the video or not, I only see prime worth it now if you order alot, or more expensive items or use the Amazon Prime Video which I dont.


Hmm, I guess I'm not particularly worried about them expanding this thing beyond items that were previously only available in bulk. I think the vast majority of Prime subscribers are in it for the free shipping, and I think Amazon has the foresight to recognize that they'd be losing a lot of that if they start making any major changes. I mean, in however many years they've had Free Super Saver shipping, they've never raised the $25 order minimum, have they?

I hope they don't prove me wrong, though. And if major changes are made, I wouldn't hesitate to cancel my Prime subscription.


I paid the $79 premium for Prime since I got sick of waiting until I had $25 worth of stuff to order. Usually what would happen is that I needed an item, I would put it on a list, end up needing it sooner rather than later, and buying it from the local store. With prime I just hit the 'Buy with 1 click' and done. 2 days later I had it.

The add-on program has already stopped me from buying 2 things (that I have purchased before) because I don't have $25 worth. I suspect it will continue to get worse. I will end up dumping my prime in 2 months, which also means I won't be ordering expensive stuff from Amazon anymore.


I haven't looked yet but wouldn't this be changing the agreement made when signing up for Prime?

If they are going to require prime members to buy more to get free shipping then should we pay less for Prime?

I could see a lawsuit in the future if there was nothing about Amazon reserving the right change the agreement at anytime.

They should have thought about applying this to new/renewed Prime membership and not current members.


Prime Agreement:

We may in our discretion change these Terms,'s Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice, or any aspect of Prime membership, without notice to you. If any change to these terms is found invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that change is severable and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining changes or conditions. YOUR CONTINUED MEMBERSHIP AFTER WE CHANGE THESE TERMS CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE CHANGES. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY CHANGES, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

So if you fight it, you can probably get your $$ back for the Prime Membership based off this new change.

This seems like a bait & switch to me though... Buy this service that does THIS.... but really it doesn't do THIS.


This makes me nervous. I purchase a lot of DVD's/Blu-Ray's using the prime shipping. If they suddenly decide it is not worth their time/money, they not only will lose me as a subscriber, I will also cancel my Amazon Rewards Visa card. I can get cash from other reward companies.


I didn't know about this. This totally creeps me out. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Looks like this will lead to more choice, so I'm okay with it.

One of the problems I've found with subscribe and save groceries with free shipping is that there are a lot of items I'd expect to see there that they don't carry because the free shipping would kill their profit. But if they go this route and make these things available as long as I combine orders the end result is I have new options that didn't exist before.


I'm not a prime member, because I don't understand the point of bundling together "free" shipping, with a video streaming service. They seem like very different services, with very different cost structures. When they added streaming to Prime, you didn't expect the price and the service to both stay the same forever, did you?


@djp519: Without the streaming, Prime is (or was) very attractive. With the streaming, there was added incentive for me to join. It's also a way for Amazon to make themselves the center of your online world. Buy all the stuff you need here. . . download stuff for your Kindle here. . . watch movies here. It's especially good for the Fire, which was designed to work primarily with Amazon's own services.


I had a 6 month free trial of Prime and really enjoyed it (just the free 2-day shipping). It was a student account so I couldn't stream video. Now I'm wondering about renewing it.


@djp519: I couldn't care less about the streaming. You don't have to take advantage of both to reap the benefits of Prime, IMO. At least, you didn't need to before this new program.


Amazon can't afford to ship me a $1 toothbrush 2-day? Makes sense to me. They can't be making more than 30 cents profit on the thing, before figuring expenses... Such as shipping cost, employees, overhead, ect..


@gregorylikescheapstu: I don't disagree. Which is why Prime costs $$. The idea is that we, as Prime members, subsidize the shipping cost of these items with the annual fee. Perhaps the fee is no longer enough, but my problem is simple and has nothing to do with Amazon's cash-flow issue: I pay for Prime to get free 2-day shipping on anything Amazon sells. That is no longer the case.


The streaming videos thing is nice, but I rarely use it. If the add-on thing gets out of hand, it will defeat the point of the $79 premium for Amazon Prime for me. With this and upcoming internet taxes on their business, this seems like a page out of Netflix's playbook to alienate its most loyal customers.


This reminds me of DLC for video games. Good in theory (to receive additional content after the game is made), but open to abuse. In the video game context, many companies sell content as "additional" DLC that would otherwise have been part of the full game (e.g., Capcom, SquareSoft, among many others). Here, I can see Amazon beginning to change previously shippable items as "add ons."

I thought the point of me paying $80/yr for Prime was to subsidize the cost of my free shipping on (all) my purchases. (I could care less for the other new benefits such as streaming as I've been a Prime member long before that was added - not to mention I do not use any streaming.)

Let's just hope that the "Add ons" are indeed only new products (such as single items)...