questionswhy can't i post questions?


I don't have an answer, but I have experienced the same issue. It's has also happened when I try to post deals. Frequently I simply go to another computer on the same network and everything works fine. This is not just a Woot problem, I've had weird behavior on lots of websites that resolves with another machine. It seems completely random and I am clueless as to the cause.


Empty Temps/Cache
Update Flash
Check Pop-up blockers, Ad-blockers, etc
Throw it out the window


@thunderthighs: Yes, I have done all those things and more in the past when problems have occurred. This has included completely re-installing the browser, killing malware monitors, etc. I've never had any of those "cures" fix the problem - I've always had to resort to using a different computer to accomplish what I am trying to do. Then days later, the problem is gone and the original computer works fine on the problem website. It's some kind of an un-named gremlin that does this. I have uttered many a four letter curse to eventually exorcise the offending demon - it's the only thing that appears to work.


@nortonsark: did you throw it out the window? I've found hammers work well too.

Seriously though, the fact that it's inconsistent makes it really hard to pin down the problem. If you find it's something on our end, give me as much info as you can.


@nortonsark: I did all the same and I still can't post questions from this laptop. Very frustrating.....