questionsgot a litle bucked up last night... hangover…


:-D The hair of the dog. Of course, I do spit that out. Not into swallowing hairs. Or hares for that matter.


One thing I always do is I keep this bucket of water with me, after every 2nd or 3rd beer i do a chuggit-bucket. I just drink the bucket of water and go back to bucking brewskis. Although, thats more hangover prevention than hangover cure.

Oh also, If you do drink too much and the chug-it bucket doesn't work, you can used it as a buck-chuck bucket, for when you're throwing up


@cowboydann: that's a bucking brilliant idea. For me, the best hangover cure is greasy food and a bucket of balls at the driving range. Usually, I don't confuse which I'm supposed to eat, and which I'm supposed to play with.


My friend swears by hair of the dog, as @gmwhit suggests. He has some crazy buck teeth that he uses to open beer bottles, so I think he does that just so he can show off his buck beer opening skills.


Man, if EVER tags begged to be changed, yours are it.


Nice. Very nice. I'd participate, but I'll leave the battling to you young bucks. I've fought this fight enough times.

Pax vobiscum.


Greasy, salty starchy food. (Burger & fries, cheap chinese takeout w/o MSG, buttered toast & bacon, grilled ham & cheese, etc.)

Water. As soon as you can get it down. Sometimes seltzer is easier on a hungover stomach.

You also need potassium back in your system (aka Banana) ASAP. If a banana isn't palatable right now, you can take it in low-dose vitamin form. I'd avoid a multi-vitamin, tho. Your liver won't like you if you give it too much to do today.


On behalf of your liver, if you're nursing a hangover, PLEASE do not taken acetaminophen (Tylenol) for the pounding head ache. Your liver will be stressed enough and the meds won't do it any favors. In fact, it could push it right over the edge if you're not careful.

I try to avoid a hangover by matching each glass of alcohol with a glass of water, tea, coffee, etc. It's slows down my booze intake and the non-alcoholic drinks help keep me hydrated.

BTW, anyone ever get bucked off one of those electric bucking bulls?

@ittybittyx: Sounds like a trip to Denny's or IHOP is just perfect for their banana pancakes with a side of bacon, and hash browns. Ya get you're carbs & starch, your fats and potassium, and somebody else to do the dishes.


@lavikinga: Ooh, I've got a bucking good deal for that trip to Denny's you suggested to @ittybittyx right here! Top those banana pancakes off with some free strawberry pancake puppies and you are in business :)

Just be sure to take a bucket in there with you in case you start to feel a little queasy...


I voted on just a few of the #buck deals. Just a few...and I'm number seven on the list of voters? Seriously? Man, things have surely changed. I know it's the weekend, but that's just not right.

Really not right.


@lavikinga - excellent idea! I can't believe I never thought of banana pancakes! Hashbrowns, bacon & sausage are excellent hangover foods. Adding banana pancakes is genius.

@mkdr: those strawberry puppies look so good! Not sure about when hung over, but if I had a plate of 'em now they'd be hoovered right up.


If you have a doctor for a friend, nothing works better than IV fluids.


I sweat mine off - nothing helps ,me forget I have a bucking turble headache quite like 7 miles. Though that's after a bucking ton of water, and probably a treadmill for the run, so you don't pass out.

Unless you're into that, it sounds like you might be.


Water or Gator-aid and Vitamin B complex or B-12


Hangar party + pilots embellishing flying stories + freely flowing tap = recipe for hangover disaster. I tried Drink Wingman a couple of weeks ago and it worked pretty well for me. I should have been dead to the world the next morning but I actually felt great, even on a few hours of sleep.