questionswhat is the best tablet out there considering…


In general, the nexus line is the best way to go without sacrificing performance. The nexus 7 is between 200 and 250 bucks, has the newest version of android and very solid hardware.

Google really crushed the competition with the nexus tablets.


Wow, thanks for the input. That does seem like a very nice cheap tablet. What if I wanted one that was a little bit bigger (closer to ipad size) and higher resolution screen (1080p)?


@portezbie: While I generally agree, I'd say go for the 10 over the 7. The 7 is a bit out of date and the 10 is mindgobblingly awesome, especially if you consider the still-reasonable price.


@jbw072287: The Nexus 10's screen specs are 10.055" diagonal at 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution for 300 ppi. It costs $399.

For a frame of reference, the latest iPad's screen specs are 9.7" diagonal at 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution for 264 ppi. It costs $499.

Given that the CPUs are quite similar on both, you're really looking at paying $100 more for a lower resolution screen and a more limiting (though admittedly easier) OS.

If you're focused more on idiotproofing, you may want to consider a tablet in the MS Surface line.


@jbw072287: As others have said, go for the nexus 10. Should be an awesome tablet. That's 400 bucks though.

Tablets between 7 and 10 inches do exist, but they aren't very good.


Can one of you guys post the model number or a link to the Nexus 10? I can't find it on the best buy or amazon web site. Thank you for the help.


Check out the Le Pan S, aka TC978. It's great bang for your buck, according to users. I don't own one. I've been watching the price drop from $200, and now Wallet World has it for $139. Can't be beat at that price.


No mention of the Asus transformer pad infinity?

If you must go iProduct, I highly recommend Apple refurbs.

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I was going to suggest what everyone else did here.

If price is a concern the Nexus 7 is the cheapest one out there that's also incredibly high quality. Seriously, it's a great piece of hardware. The Nexus 10 is great, but remember that it also comes with a good price bump to match, while the Nexus 7 is still a just as solid smaller tablet.

If you want an Apple get a refurb something-that'll-fit-in-your-price-range. Apple has the same warranty on items they refurbish as they do on brand new items, so you're protected, and their refurbs are significantly cheaper. Just make absolutely sure you buy the Apple refurb directly from Apple, not anywhere else.


It's really a tough call between the Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 when you're talking about price/performance. I can't remember the details, but there aren't many details that are all that different.

Of course, if you want a bigger screen, I'm not sure if it directly goes to the Nexus 10 and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" but you're paying a big premium for the larger screen in both cases.

I spent an hour or so researching for someone a few weeks back and this is literally the only pair of devices in the same ballpark for value. I just don't remember any of the comparison points, but there's really not much trade-off either way.


I have to chime in with something slightly different...the Asus TF300 Transformer is slightly older than the new Infinity Pad (TF700) but you can get a 16gb model for $300 and add a keyboard dock which adds 4 hours of battery life for another $125. (The TF700 would be $450 + $150 while the older TF300 is still a great machine running great specs, though not quite as thin). And the Asus models are always expandable with microsd cards.

But for me, battery life and keyboard accessibility are huge without adding up to a price a lot higher than a decent laptop. Otherwise, I would agree with the Nexus options. And would totally go for the Infinity Pad if it were in my budget.


I really enjoy my Acer Iconia A500. I think i got it here at woot actually.


I am looking at the Acer A700-10k32u now. It looks like it has all of the features of the best tablets (Full HD, Tegra 3 processor, 32GB) and the cheapest at just $399. It looks like it compares to the Asus transformer in specs, just not the name. Let me know if anyone knows a better deal.


@jbw072287: I see a few areas of potential disappointment with that:
1) The Tegra CPUs tend to underwhelm. They started out with great promise, but these days they're kinda pokey compared to the competition.

2) The screen is much lower resolution than many of the more prominent players (nexus 10 especially). Also, I'm finding conflicting information as to whether it has IPS (in-plane switching) or anything akin to it. If it doesn't have that, viewing angles, response time, etc.. will be significantly less favorable that competing units.

3) This unit also only has 1 gig of ram. On a modern Android system that's gonna chafe.

4) It does not appear to have a modern set of bells and whistles, i.e. it has a limited sensor suite and no sign of NFC support.

I'm certainly biased, but I'd personally choose the Nexus 10 over that despite the storage limitations.


Sooo, today while I was at best buy, I wanted to compare the looks of some of the screens. I was telling the worker that I liked the specs of the Asus Transformer TF700, but the price was too high. The girl was like, "well, we have this open box one right here for $100 off. I couldn't resist and made my purchase today. I got the Asus for $400. I am very happy with it so far.


@jbw072287: Personally, I wouldn't have gone open-box for a present. Still, to each their own. I hope it's enjoyed.