questionswho is planning on camping soon? what equipment…


Myself, I'm heading off with my scout troop to one of our scout camps here in Rhode Island in a couple weeks. We're putting on a Pig Roast to make some money for the boys wanting to go to Summer camp, as it's nearly $400 for the week now.

I also love to hike and backpack, but no matter the trip, I always have my Thermarest, mummy sleeping bag, and a nice comfy travel pillow, otherwise I wake up in knots. When hiking, I always bring my GPS and camera, and upload the results to out troops website, and sometimes,


my list of essentials:
- toilet paper in a water-tight bag.
- leatherman knife or similar (sharpened)
- first-aid supplies: ankle wrap, antibiotic ointment, bandages and tape)
- lighter + matches in a water-tight bag
- lightweight self-powered led flashlight
- a paperback book to read
- emergency granola bars
- a good backpack with a strap that distributes the weight on your hips and one across the chest ( I prefer "full frame" cause I can hang all sorts of things on the frame )
- enough food and snacks for 1 or 2 more days than you plan to be out.
- a water filter
- a paper map of the area (do not rely 100% on gps)
- a compass
- extra pair of wool socks
- foldable compact fishing pole + lures (if you like to fish like I do)
- a "relatively" trained dog (i always hike with man's best friend)
- dog food

clothes, tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, etc is dependent on the type of camping and weather.


We have a list called "the almost standard camping list" so we don't forget anything, every time we camp something new gets added. The last item was a broom to sweep the crud out of the tent before we put our sleeping bags down. My favorite non-standard camping item is the hammock but it does not feel like camping unless we bring Costco hot links to cook over an open fire.


@josefresno: That sous a lot like my standard backpacking list, though I also include a stove, a chamois towel, and biodegradable soap and hand sanitizer.

@ohcheri: I love my hammock, its a light weight parachute fabric one. When I car camp, I definitely bring more luxury items. Sometimes my iPad, always an MP3 player. My cellphone comes with me, even backpacking, for emergencies. Oh, and a couple pairs of Vibram Fivefingers.


I did enough "camping" in the military, so I don't do it recreationally. I still go out in the woods, and I NEVER go into the woods without a map and compass, matches (lighter), knife, and a firearm. I know a lot of people use GPS now, but batteries die, and a map and compass will last a lifetime.

My suggestions are a good pack, raingear, spare clothes, lots of food and water (way more than you think you need), good shoes (hikers or boots), the flint stick I can't recall the name of, rope, line, ziplock bags for everything, duct tape (good duct tape), and a positive mental attitude. You can load a 110 pound pack if you want, but lighter is always better.

josefresno made a good list.


My idea of roughing it is a Motel 6.


@thunderthighs: Sister, you and I are on the SAME page. That was my very first thought when I saw this question.

I know how to take care of myself in the wilds (and I'd take flint and steel before I'd bother with matches, just for starters), but I really LIKE sleeping in a nice warm house, and having coffee in the morning.


My husband just got new seafood equipment, that he always brings camping with him. He loves fish and cooks it all the time for us.