questionswhat is with all of the negativity and downvoting…


We're always snarky. You should know this :P

I have seen a massive amount of downvotes on people new to the site though, and I agree. They're new, they don't know the ropes just yet. I never really thought to use the search in my early days. The more time I spent here, the more I learned the ropes. If it's something really obvious or is asked like three times a week, then I'll kick out a downvote.

But it's gotten worse, I agree. It could just be woot's size. The more people, the more likely there's a jerk.


When "the man" gets me down... (Amawootz).. I take out my frustration with downvotes!

Ha.. not really, but.. ya--- rabble rabble


Dang it, TC, I still got your back, but I wish you'd picked an earlier time to ask this question.

I'll be back, oh so much later, and either I will see other answers that are like mine, or I'll run on for a paragraph or two (or three, or four...).

Hugs and kisses, kiddo.


I guess it's just the usual welcome-to-the-interwebz-anonymity thing. There's never a good answer for this. BTW, there is a full moon tomorrow night...can we blame the lunar aspect? :)


Have never been a down-voter. Don't understand why people are so very negative about the questions asked, comments added, deals posted and answers added. They are, in fact, rude, IMO. No need to be negative, eh?

I've responded many times to questions such as this one...I do not have an answer. Those who are chronic down-voters normally do not answer. That anonymous factor, maybe? Though, I've become aware of a few who seem to down-vote consistently. You know who you are; as do many others.. ;-)

I ignore deals I have no interest in. Ditto w/questions. I just look for something else that might peak my interest.

Oh, and I've been reminded over and over again that 'haters will hate.' Sad that. They just might have a life filled w/stress and negative thoughts. Hope they find happiness & contentment somewhere.

The "ghost?"


@robingraves: Cough, cough, cough. I checked on the online Sage Dictionary, peak is acceptable. Pique wasn't even there, though it was my 1st choice. :-P But thanks. (She said zero sincerity.)


@gmwhit: to-MA-to, to-MAH-to. I'll almost apologize. XOXOX


I down-vote the non-deals from the many Chinese sellers of schlock. I down-vote deals that aren't deals: no sale price, no discount code, no non-regular free shipping. If a deal seems to be a genuine deal, I generally up-vote it even if I wouldn't buy it ever.

I tend to down-vote really dense questions from newbies who could easily find an answer by googling. ("Can you help me find a good deal on a 26" TV?") I tend to down-vote questions that have been asked in the last week or so, especially if they're from folks who should know how to search.

Other than that, I'm always just a bundle of sweetness and light. And charm. And modesty. Mustn't forget my innate modesty.


@magic cave: Schlock? Oh, I love that word! Chinese schlock? There's a LOT of "S" here. Not the least of which is posted by those vendors. There's also woot-off schlock. Everyday, non-deal crap posted by 'every man.' Or woman. I just ignore it.

But then, I've learned to ignore most of deals. Still feel the urge to answer questions. At times. Like this one. :-D

Added note: Yes...your modesty & charm are noted. Funny person! :-)


I've turned from being an active deal poster to just being annoyed, just in the past week or two. The still-broken deals.woot functionality here, haphazard standards that @ohcheri encounters, and the change in shipping has finally rubbed me the wrong way.


ATC spams get my down vote.


Back to the OP question, 2 pair of white triangles and 2 pair of white squares look like socks to me.

You will note the English is a bit off.
Double white user1: What is a good software for photo editing pictures?
Double white user2: I use Crappy Overpriced Photo Editor all the time you should get it to.


@gmwhit: The Sage Dictionary is badly misnamed.


@caffeine_dude: Yep. I've become inordinately suspicious of white-box-white-triangle [WBWT] questions, especially those followed immediately by WBWT answers who amazingly just happened to wander in off the street and joined so they could answer that particular question. Sort like the pair we're dealing with now on AtC.


I suspect the recent woot-off has brought in the riff raff. Don't worry, they'll tire of us shortly and move along.


I usually only downvote people who are spamming the forum with crap. However, if they are offering something like: Spam, Egg, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Tomatoes, Spam, then I'll probably upvote. It's a judgement call really.


@magic cave: Yes, and WBWT questions with nothing more to them other than the question. Just a title question, with no elaboration or description. Those scream "Give me a negative vote!" to me, anyway.


@gmwhit: "Oh, and I've been reminded over and over again that 'haters will hate.' Sad that. They just might have a life filled w/stress and negative thoughts. Hope they find happiness & contentment somewhere."

Or, as we say in my part of the country, "Bless their hearts!"


@gmwhit: What online Sage Dictionary is this? Google doesn't know about it. And Whois for shows the domain to be unregistered. The usage of "peak" for "pique" has always piqued me, so I was curious.

But thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn that sage (sah-geh) is a word you can enter on 2chan-alikes in the email field to reply without bumping a topic up the forum. Some forums I use would benefit from implementing this.


@belyndag: I hate that "haters will hate" quip, despite the truth of it, because it feels like giving up. There's no point in trying to reason with them or understand them, haters are just gonna hate. Not that you guys are guilty of this, by providing an outlet for anonymous negativity Woot actively encourages it and leaves no opportunity for others to understand or change those attitudes. But it's one of my most hated popular phrases.


@jsfs: Apologies, it's not online. It's a free download. Have used it for years; ergo, it's not current. Certainly not the best, but usually suffices for me.

Google - The Sage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus. The thesaurus is helpful, too. Especially when you're trying not to repeat a word.

Edited to add another admission: Pique IS in Sage's. Didn't like the definitions: 1. (noun) A sudden outburst of anger 2. (verb) Cause to feel resentment or indignation. Peak seemed to fit what I was (poorly) attempting to say.


Truly, I was gonna downvote this question to be funny, but, since it doesn't really make a statement unless you can easily show that I downvoted it, I will add to the chaos form this OLD post:


This should have been expected, but none of the 6 (so far) people who've downvoted this question have bothered responding to it.


although how funny would it have been to see this question downvoted like 1000 times?


@gmwhit: Perhaps try a better known source, such as Merriam Webster.

Peak pretty much means top or point like a mountain peak, whereas pique is to prick or poke., generally at one's interest, curiosity or temper.


I go through phases of downvoting. Non-deals: sometimes I downvote, sometimes not. I justify it by the fact that I don't want to have to dig through three pages of trash to find 4 or 5 actual deals. The new ordering system has exacerbated that. If the woot gods that be aren't going to put much effort into this place, then it is ours to make of it what we will; if I'm going to spend any time here, I'm going to do my best to try and make that time worthwhile (i.e. I don't want to spend time here if there's nothing to find).


OK, now you have me worried. I finally posted 2 deals for the first time ever today because I was tired of seeing the white triangle next to my name. I am a chronic seeker of deals, but I usually don't think about sharing them here, unfortunately. Perhaps I'm doomed to my little white triangle if "haters gonna hate"?


@brandoline94: Sometimes you hit and sometimes you don't. I posted a deal yesterday that I couldn't get to link to the correct site so I just posted a link to the company's wiki and then put the link to the actual deal in the body of the post. I anticipated it to be downvoted due to the un-link, or to be pulled by staff for some rules violation. Instead it went to 80 votes, enjoyed a brief stint at the top of the popular tab, and a staff member came by and fixed up my link. Some time back I posted a deal I thought was good that got downvotes and some really silly negative comments. About a month later someone else posted the same product at a higher price and got like 40 upvotes on it. You just can't really set much stock in it. Post what you think is cool and a good deal.


@brandoline94: Try posting a Firefly deal. Those are usually good for instant upvotes.


"I tend to down-vote really dense questions from newbies who could easily find an answer by googling. ("Can you help me find a good deal on a 26" TV?") I tend to down-vote questions that have been asked in the last week or so, especially if they're from folks who should know how to search"

^^^ This. And we can gnash our teeth and rend our clothing about the perceived increased negativity, but the 33rd "Why are there so many RIP'd deals on the front page?" question deserves not only a downvote, but a boot to the head. As others have also noted in this thread, there are a lot of obviously fake deals and questions being posted. So is there an overall increased amount of negativity lately? Possibly. But maybe it is just a natural reaction to an overall increased amount of stupidity.

Also, remember that we all see the world through our own individual filters. While one person may see "Why can't I post my deal?" as a valid question, another might not agree that the 99th posting of it is.


@brandoline94: If you're trying to gain reputation, voting on deals and questions and comments will assist in that. Sadly, even downvoting contributes to reputation (although not as much, nor as quickly). I see that you've never ever voted for a deal (this may have changed by the time you see this), and only this question. Go vote up everyone's comment on this question (goodness knows some of them could use an upvote). Best thing you can do is to stay off the downvote train, though.

In general (not just to you), there are some questions/deals where there are no comments downvoted, and others where nearly all of them have received at least one downvote. I note that this is often correlated with who is participating, and what the subject is about. Be generous with upvotes. They're free, and it's good for you.


What bugs me is when people downvote but don't bother explaining the downvote. I actually appreciate the feedback so as to know what to share with people next time.

Same as many of y'all, I downvote those deals that aren't deals. I upvote deals I think are deals or would buy. I only post deals (questions or comments) that I would buy myself because I consider them a good price.


@thumperchick: I normally downvote downvote questions because I could almost see that being a weekly question, but I did not this time because it has been a month since the last one. Bit of sarcasm and a bit o truth.