questionswhat is the best way to sell a piano?


I have never sold a piano, but I would guess that these words are of paramount importance:



You might have a slim chance with a baby grand... but an upright, at best you can give it away for free. My craigslist "free" section is full of 'em.


Agree w/ @rookie3001 . You basically tell someone if they come get it they can have it.
IF you have a truck or something like that yourself. AND you are willing to haul it, you might be able to ask for a few bucks then.
OR if you have said truck, you might be able to take it to a consignment auction.

Good luck !


Also consider donating it to a new church or other organization and possibly use the donation as a tax right off.


If you know someone who gives piano lessons, let them know so they can tell families with beginning students that you have one for sale.


One bite at a time. Oh wait, that doesn't seem right...


Unless it's a rare or special model or has some kind of history (like being the one Elvis grew up with), upright pianos are nearly impossible to sell these days. If you have the ability to deliver it you could get some money for that, but for most people it isn't worth the trouble. Free pianos are so plentiful on Craigslist that the musician Neko Case filled up a whole barn with pianos she got for free.


I am thinking, I can include it if I sell my house as a place to put mail & keys, I guess...


"... or other organization"

homeless shelter, senior citizens center, nursing home - many might pick it up.


Enclose a tap-dancing, singing frog?
Otherwise, donate it.


My parents just sold one on craiglist. They bought it for upwards of $1500 and the best they were able to get for it was $300.


If you have a piano technician in your area, they might be able to refer you to a buyer. As others have stated, heavy uprights are very hard to sell nowadays.


Or, you could paint it with pretty colors and put it out on the sidewalk for passersby to play, like they recently did down here in Sarasota, Florida...


@drewsrq: I tend to think my neighbors would not appreciate, I'd get a city fine, then kids would do what kids do. The 'burbs aren't a great place for a sidewalk piano, I think.


@teqjack: Add Youth Rec Center, Parks Senior or Youth Rec Center, nursing home or assisted living center, other community center, public and private schools.


I gave up on owning a piano years ago, when it became impossible to find someone reputable to tune it. I have a fancy keyboard, on a stand, and the settings replicate the sound of a piano. No, it's not quite the same, but it NEVER goes out of tune.

There's also finding someone who knows how to move a piano (yes, there is expertise involved).

I do miss having a piano, now and then...