questionsi would like to buy an intel i3-2120. do deals…


I always thought that the quad core Core 2 processors would drop in price, so I held out, and now the "i" series is out and the price of the core 2 quads are still about the same and I'm still on my cheaper/slower dual core Core 2 since I'm going to build a new pc with an i5.

Moral of the story: just buy it at $119 if you want it. You can always wait until the next deal, but by the time it hits there you might be looking a the next best thing. Also, is $20 really that big of an issue? Heck, I just got charged $40 from my city because I didn't shovel an inch and a half of snow off my sidewalk....


eek $40 for not shoveling. Last winter some houses never shoveled and people had to wade through the snow in front of their houses. The city did nothing.

Anyway, no the $20 isn't that big of a deal but I told my wife that I could build our daughter a budget gaming system for under $400. I already have 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM sitting around but nothing else. After reading this article:,3120.html I really wanted to get this processor. 3.3 vs 3.1 for very little price difference and they both perform well for gaming.

She really likes minecraft and some other games, but the old Pentium 4 and 128 mb videocard drop frames like crazy on these games.


If you want a $400 pc that can play minecraft and maybe some other games (wow possibly), it is definitly doable, and the i3-2100 is a good processor for doing that. I just pulled these prices as general prices off newegg, you can probably find swing either way.

i3 processor - $120
ram - $40
Radeon 6670 (i just picked this card since its in the woot PC of the day and isn't terrible) - $80
Mobo - $50
PSU - $70

So that is $360 right there. If you need a case, probably another $50, if you need a HDD (quite possibly you may have one lying around), probably another $70-$100 depending on how large you want (you can get a refurb caviar blue 320G for $70 right now on newegg). So you are actually looking probably closer to $450-$500 for a lower end pc depending on what you have around. If you have a hdd and a case, you are probably right on target.