questionshave you heard about "computer on a stick" ?


pretty intuitive .. good for them, im sure this idea we'll take off too as they get better and better


I wonder if you can grill it? But that is pretty neat. I would get one of those.


Interesting. I don't see it as useful though. You still have to have a keyboard and monitor, and in that instance a tablet would work much better. I'm pretty good about having 20/20 hindsight though. Sometimes, my "practical" thinking needs a jolt as well.


Pretty cool... I wonder how hot these things run... The unit's life expectancy will be interesting to follow... just another step closer to the brain-chip implant!


I don't think of it as very new, no, although this is the tiniest one I've ever seen. There have been small form factor computers out there for ages. Here's one of my favorites:

We used one of these to build a computer inside a toaster (it was very cool, and a lot of fun).

A limitation (as noted by others) for such a small computer is that you still need a way to interact with it. I'm holding out for the brain amplifications myself. This is probably not all that far off (although I'm joking about being willing to do it). I've already seen literature for controllers to assist quadriplegics.

Yet another interesting entertainment. Thanks, @vistaseas. :-D

{The comments on your link are worth reading, probably more than the article itself.}


Sounds like a crummy caricature of a nerd in Jeff Dunham's next act.


Gumstix computers ( have been around for a long, long time...


I did see that, and I was watching it to post as a deal when possible. Better question than a deal. Good job.

vote-for8vote-against - the $25 computer. Good luck getting one, though.


my Raspberry Pi, ordered in February, just shipped this week. can't wait for my tiny PC


Pretty incredible. I was always intrigued by the OQO PC, it last iteration giving you Windows 7 on a 4.8" touchscreen handheld (on the other end of the price scale, $5000+!). THAT'S NOT A PACK OF GUM, DON'T EAt my compute . . . never mind.


As a nerd, the Raspberry Pi is much more interesting. But I have to wait awhile longer number 10^6+1 in line.


Is this from the people who brought us Larry Bud Melman's "Toast on a Stick"?

(That's for the over-40 crowd. Kids, ask your parents.)